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Tristan Tate: Why does Andrew Tate's brother want people like TikToker Mizzy to be 'stabbed to death'?

2023-05-29 17:48
Tristan Tate agrees with Piers Morgan's statement about TikToker Mizzy
Tristan Tate: Why does Andrew Tate's brother want people like TikToker Mizzy to be 'stabbed to death'?

Tristan Tate called out a teenage TikToker named Bacari-Bronze O'Garro, popularly known as Mizzy, who carried out a prank by trespassing into people's homes in London. Tristan, the younger brother of self-proclaimed influencer Andrew Tate, is no stranger to controversy himself, making him a figure who garners attention online.

At 34 years old, Tristan shares a close bond with Andrew and they have partnered together in various business ventures. Like his brother, Tristan is not shy about expressing his unfiltered viewpoints on social media, often delving into discussions about global events.


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'The homeowners should be legally entitled to stab them to death'

Following these events, Piers Morgan took to Twitter and labeled Mizzy as an 'idiot'. In response to the situation, Tristan expressed his viewpoint, which was strongly critical of Mizzy's actions. Moreover, he advocated for homeowners to possess the legal right to defend themselves by using lethal force against intruders. The 34-year-old went on to assert that if a scenario of this nature were to occur, he would lack sympathy for the individual who trespassed. Tate's statement reads as follows:

"The homeowners should be legally entitled to stab them to death. No I’m not being controversial. This is London … maybe these youths are armed and any decent persons first thought would be “this is a robbery”. When one of these idiots is killed I’ll have no sympathy."

In another tweet, Tate wrote, "For reference on my last tweet this was my first comment on Mizzy. I meant it and still do. I don’t sympathise with his actions nor condone anything he has done. I simply want to make sure it stops, I don’t see anybody else stepping up to be a role model so I’ll do my best."

Tate concurred with Morgan's derogatory tweet about Mizzy in a separate tweet. Additionally, he agreed with Morgan's reference to other teenagers involved in similar activities in London. Furthermore, Tristan extended his gratitude to Morgan for shedding light on the matter.

Why was Mizzy detained?

Mizzy, a well-known figure on social media, has gained notoriety for his frequent pranks, which he records and shares with his followers. However, these pranks have attracted significant controversy due to their nature. As per Mirror, some of Mizzy's pranks involve making inappropriate comments, such as asking unsuspecting individuals if they want to die, as well as trespassing into people's cars without permission. Recently, a viral video captured Mizzy entering the home of a frightened family, further fueling the outrage surrounding his actions.

In response to the video, public sentiment grew increasingly outraged, leading to Mizzy's alleged detainment. O'Garro faced legal proceedings at Thames Magistrates' Court earlier this week. The judge presiding over the case issued O'Garro a two-year criminal behavior order, explicitly instructing him that he could no longer post videos without obtaining the consent of all individuals involved.

Despite the repercussions, Mizzy appeared unfazed by the incident and voiced his opinion on the matter during an appearance on Piers Morgan's show, criticizing the perceived leniency of UK laws. However, it appears that Mizzy's disregard for the law continued, resulting in his subsequent detainment.

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