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Did Britney Spears slap herself? Footage sparks debate over whether singer was truly hit by Victor Wembanyama's guard

2023-07-08 16:16
While there won't be any charges filed, Britney Spears still 'wants an apology' for the guard's 'disgusting' behavior
Did Britney Spears slap herself? Footage sparks debate over whether singer was truly hit by Victor Wembanyama's guard

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA: Choas continues after Britney Spears claimed that security for NBA player Victor Wembanyama slapped her as she sought to say hello to the Spurs' No 1 choice. However, Las Vegas police believe that Spears struck herself in the face as Wembanyama's security officer attempted to yank her hand off the player. While there won't be any charges filed, Spears still 'wants an apology' for the guard's 'disgusting' behavior, a source close to the singer told Daily Mail. However, the footage seems to have sparked a debate about the incident. While some internet users 'shamed' Spears for 'overreacting', her fans have supported her and called out the security for his 'aggressive' move.

On Friday, July 7, Spears stated, "I don't feel like I have been treated as an equal person in this country," adding that she did not want to pretend she was a victim. While Wembanyama gave his account of what happened in a statement, Spears wrote about the 'traumatic experience' and called for a 'public apology' from Wembanyama, the Spurs, and security personnel on Instagram.

'Britney’s hand hit herself in the face'

The report obtained by ABC affiliate KTNV13 includes the following excerpt, "Detectives and I were able to review surveillance footage of the event which showed Britney going to tap the Spurs player on the shoulder. When she touched the player [the security guard] pushes her hand off the player without looking which causes Britney’s hand to hit herself in the face."

"The LVMPD has concluded its investigation of the alleged battery that occurred on July 5, 2023, at 11 p.m., in the 3700 block of Las Vegas Boulevard. No charges will be filed against the person involved." Online footage of the event that was posted overnight appears to support the LVMPD report.

Soon after, TMZ released a video of the incident, in which Spears, 41, can be seen running up behind Wembanyama, 19, and yelling "Sir!" as they enter the Catch restaurant in the ARIA Hotel. It's not apparent from the footage who made contact as the security guard's arm comes out between Wembanyama and Spears as the singer approaches to tap the basketball player on the back. The next scene shows Spears' spectacles flying off her face.

According to a police report with redactions obtained by PEOPLE, the Spurs security officer used "his left hand to push Britney's hand away from the individual. [He] used enough force when pushing Britney's hand away that it caused her hand to hit her face, causing her sunglasses to fall off."

'Oops, I just hit myself in the face'

Social media users got into an online debate about the recent reports claiming that Spears hit herself in the face. One Twitter user snarked at the singer and wrote, "Inadvertently". Oops, I just hit myself in the face with no help from the bodyguards hand. I'm going to use this defense the next time I'm in a fight: I don't know, your honor, the other guy just started hitting himself." Another one wrote, "Security knocked away her hand which then hit herself in the face. If she wasn't trying to touch people she doesn't know in public who clearly want to be left alone she wouldn't have had her hand knocked away." A third Twitter user claimed, "People gotta check themselves you don't run up on nobody trying to touch 'em." Another one held Spears responsible and wrote, "She hit herself then tried to say this dude hit her? Duuude....that's snakey. That's just a big bowl of wrong there. She could have ruined this dudes career, whatever he does. Shame Spears Shame."

Britney's fans defended her in the online battle with one fan writing, "The point is why are his body guards being so aggressive? Completely unnecessary. Like that small lady is going to hurt him lol who even is he." A second fan wrote, "No no no, I saw the video. She tapped him on the shoulder and got smacked, no one even looking at her when they did it." A third fan slammed, "The only certain thing about this post is that you referred to him as the Rookie that he really is. Only needed to include the word misogynist after seeing that they hit a woman regardless of who she is, and keep walking as if nothing had happened. Disgusting." Another one explained, "Ehh, that is a very misleading headline. She tapped the kid on the back and his security guard very aggressively pushed her hand away. If she hit herself it was directly caused by the action of the guard." Someone else typed, "Not saying she was right for approaching him from behind, but she can’t “inadvertently” hit herself after her hand was pushed/smacked by security. It was caused by the security guard and not inadvertent. What a weird headline."

What happened between Britney Spears and Victor Wembanyama?

The 19-year-old NBA star spoke with ESPN and shared his account of the incident. Wembanyama said, "There was one person who was calling me, but security told me I couldn’t stop because it would have made a crowd. That person grabbed me from behind. I didn’t see what happened because I was walking straight and didn’t stop, and that person grabbed me from behind, so I just let security push her away. I don’t know with how much force, though."

On the other hand, according to the singer, Wembanyama's security guard allegedly 'backhanded' her in the face, knocking Spears' glasses off her nose and nearly knocking her over, when she approached and 'tapped him on the shoulder'. After the basketball player made his public remark, Spears wrote on her social media accounts to describe the incident as a 'traumatic experience' and to convey that she has not yet received an apology from the basketball player, his team, or the security personnel.

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