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'So excited I cried': Ariana Madix recalls final call from 'Dancing With The Stars' on Nikki and Brie Garcia's podcast

2023-11-22 11:19
Ariana Madix believed she would never be asked to do a show like 'Dancing With The Stars' and cried with excitement when she was selected
'So excited I cried': Ariana Madix recalls final call from 'Dancing With The Stars' on Nikki and Brie Garcia's podcast

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Ariana Madix has her dancing shoes on and she is ready to dance her heart out.

While making an appearance in a November 20 episode of 'The Nikki & Brie Show' podcast episode titled 'Ariana Madix: Empowering AF', the reality TV star spilled the beans on her journey in the dance reality show 'Dancing With The Stars.'

She recalled the phone call when she got the final confirmation that she was doing 'DWTS' Season 32.

Madix said, "I was so excited. I definitely cried. The living situation at that literal moment in time that I got the call was where I was like crying and I was excited but I was trying to be really quiet because there was like someone else in the house so it was like you know moving out."

She added, "And yeah I was just over the moon. I couldn't believe it. It's one of those shows that, I don't know, for me, I was just like, 'oh that's something that's so cool but I'll never be asked to do that'."

What has been Ariana Madix's favorite performance in 'DWTS' Season 32?

During the podcast, Nikki and Brie also asked the 'Vanderpump Rules' star about her favorite dance so far.

Madix told the twins, "I mean probably the Britney Cha Cha was my favorite. I mean just because it's like the music is what makes everything."

She continued, "When they ask you in the beginning of the season about song choices and stuff like that. And you have a song that you really love, it just makes such a difference when you're out there. And I just love Britney and I love that song so it really was like in there. It felt so good."

Who is Ariana Madix's biggest competition in 'DWTS' Season 32?

When asked about her biggest competition in the dance competition, Madix replied, "Well I think in a lot of ways, myself, just because, not to say like oh I'm the best or whatever, in the sense I get in my own way."

She explained why she's her biggest competition, saying, "I'm that thing that oftentimes holds me back from being my best. But I mean look I feel like everybody has something that they bring week to week that makes competition."

She went on to say, "Charity is such a precise and beautifully trained dancer. And I look at her and I wish I could combine myself with her somehow. Xochitl is a powerhouse to watch."

She continued to praise her co-stars as she added, "And I know that Harry is not out there getting the best scores but he has a charm to him that is really infectious. So yeah, literally think everybody who is left is incredible."

The television personality said, "Jason is an amazing performer. It's crazy if you think about it, anybody—I've been thinking about this the last 2 weeks—it's like anybody could go home at any point and now so it's scary."

Ariana Madix dances to Taylor Swift's 'Cruel Summer' in 'DWTS' Season 32 Episode 9

In the ninth episode of 'Dancing With The Stars' Season 32, for Taylor Swift Night, Madix and her partner Pasha Pashkov performed the Rumba to Taylor Swift's hit song 'Cruel Summer'.

The song is pretty apt for Ariana as she has had a cruel summer. Madix broke up with her boyfriend Tom Sandoval in March 2023 after he cheated on her with fellow co-star Rachel Leviss.

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