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xQc reacts to Tubbo's Kick critique and draws parallel between Adin Ross' chat and Forsen's community, Internet dubs it 'toxic'

2023-08-14 14:21
xQc reacted to Tubbo's criticism regarding the prevalence of hate speech on Kick and argued it's a 'problem that doesn't have a solution'
xQc reacts to Tubbo's Kick critique and draws parallel between Adin Ross' chat and Forsen's community, Internet dubs it 'toxic'

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Renowned Kick streamer Felix Lengyel, widely known as xQc, has a substantial following of over 430k supporters. Following a recent controversy involving fellow streamer Tubbo, xQc is currently at the center of public attention.

In a recent live stream, xQc directly addressed Tubbo's criticism of Kick, drawing comparisons between the chat interactions in Adin Ross' community and those within Forsen's community.

For those unfamiliar with the context, prominent streamer Tobias, also known as Tubbo, had raised some concerns to the co-founder of Kick, Bijan Tehrani. Tubbo's criticism centered on the prevalence of hate speech on the platform.

How did xQc react to Tubbo’s criticisms?

In his live stream, xQc asserted, "If you break down the memes and the emotes in Forsen's chat and what they spam... oh, man! I'm just going to say it, man. It's actually worse than Adin Ross' chat. Oof! I said it. Sorry, chat."

He added, "You know, Forsen guys, I love you, guys. It gets edgy and has a lot of funny memes, s**t like that and I get that. If you were to break down the actual meaning behind every meme and emotes, it would be worse than Adin's chat. It is what it is."

He elaborated further, asserting that Tubbo's perspective wouldn't be beneficial to anyone and underscored that it wouldn't have a lasting impact either.

"But, people don't want to hear that because it is easier to go at the big whales, right?" he asked.

xQc continued, "You go over the big targets and Adin Ross is a big creator, and his chat is in a certain way, it doesn't reflect on all of Kick. And, especially not permanently. Making conclusions like that doesn't help anybody. It just doesn't."

Subsequently, xQc proceeded to view a viral video in which Tubbo criticized YouTuber Sapnap’s decision to join Kick, leaving a negative mark on the platform. Tubbo claimed that Kick was not a secure environment and even went so far as to label it "insane."

"The majority of Sapnap's demographic is people in communities such as the LGBTQIA+, younger demographic, and stuff like that. I feel like this platform is not a safe place to be... openly trans. Not a safe place to be openly Jewish. Not a safe place to be black, for example. It's insane!" he said.

In response, xQc stepped up to advocate for the platform, urging Tubbo to refrain from disparaging it further.

"Okay, now you have a problem that didn't have a solution. What is the solution then? Outright banning all the creators on Kick, right? Because some chats aren't modded properly and only signing, and force signing a lot of inclusive communities," he noted.

"Super growing and all nice conscientious, and rainbows everybody. Only LGBT+ and Black creators only? Dude, let's not go down that route. Please, let's not do that. Let's not! Don't do that," xQc added.

Fans mock xQc's take

xQc's video comparing the Forsen community to Adin Ross' chat received numerous comments. One fan wrote, "Forsens chat might be deranged sometimes but at least they make it funny some of the time, adins chat is great to watch at if you want to fall asleep."

Another fan said, "A streamer who says such few words has the most talkative and toxic chat. Crazy." A third noted, "Xqc never fails to make us entertaining content 😂🎉🎉🎉"

Someone else commented, "Blud's traumatized by EU viewers begging for a stream so he decided to take it out on forsen's chat." Another wrote, "Well, Forsen made your fanbase. It’s true."

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