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Why did Olivia Dunne join gymnastics? TikTok star shares inspiration behind her love for sport

2023-07-27 16:16
Olivia Dunne joined gymnastics for a glittering pink leotard, but fell in love with the sport at the age of eleven because of her inspiration
Why did Olivia Dunne join gymnastics? TikTok star shares inspiration behind her love for sport

BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA: Olivia Dunne, the LSU gymnast and social media sensation, has had the internet captivated for quite some time. Dunne once spoke about why she joined gymnastics. She recently shared who inspired her to join gymnastics through her Snapchat story.

As the highest-paid athlete, her viral potential seems limitless, making her the ideal pick for Forever 21 to broaden the reach of their product. This billionaire gymnast recently hinted at her prospective exit from the sport in the August issue of Elle USA Magazine, hinting at intriguing future ventures.

Why did Olivia Dunne join gymnastics?

Dunne had stated on her website that she intended to pursue gymnastics solely to wear a glittering pink leotard. She eventually fell in love with the sport and became an elite gymnast at the age of eleven, becoming the country's youngest Junior International Elite qualifier.

Despite her popularity and achievement, the gymnastics legend's family remains her most important support system. She conveyed her gratitude to her sister, who has been a pillar of strength, on a recent episode of the 'Full Send' podcast. Dunne shared the person who sparked her interest in the sport she excels at in a recent social media post.

Dunne, a TikTok star, featured a video of her amazing mother, Katherine in her most recent Snapchat story. Katherine was doing a handstand perfectly. Dunne couldn't resist her appreciation for Katherine's abilities, praising her pointed feet and all, captioned with a humorous "I got it from my momma." Julianna, Dunne's sister, was also present, providing continual support to her mother. Katherine, a former gymnast, has been a pillar of support for Dunne, especially throughout her recent injury.

Olivia Dunne plans retirement from gymnastics

According to The New York Post, even though Dunne is unable to compete in 2023 owing to her recuperation, Katherine is still proud of her daughter. She posted a touching video of the gymnast performing a bar routine on her Instagram account. As Dunne bids farewell to the sport, she enjoys in order to pursue new interests, her mother remains steadfastly by her side.

Dunne announced her future goals in the latest issue of Elle USA. She plans to return to school, finish her final year of college, then gracefully retire from gymnastics. When she looked back on her journey, she realized that while elite gymnastics had once filled her life, college had helped her discover her larger identity.

Dunne's path has been outstanding, beginning with her competitive gymnastics debut at the age of 11 and culminating with impressive successes such as winning the City of Jesolo Trophy in Italy and securing top positions in the U.S. Classic and National Championships. Her mother is a constant presence in her life, offering support every step of the way as she progresses.