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Who is Kristi Noem's husband? Bombshell report claims South Dakota governor has been having affair with Corey Lewandowski

2023-09-16 02:23
Kristi and Bryon Noem exchanged vows in 1992 in Watertown, South Dakota
Who is Kristi Noem's husband? Bombshell report claims South Dakota governor has been having affair with Corey Lewandowski

WATERTOWN, SOUTH DAKOTA: The 33rd South Dakota governor Kristi Noem, 51, who is reportedly having an affair with Trump advisor Corey Lewandowski, is married to Bryon Noem.

Kristi and Bryon exchanged vows in 1992 in Watertown, South Dakota. The businessman, rancher and insurer Bryon has three children with Kristi named, Kassidy, Kennedy, and Booker.

Since how long have Kristi Noem and Corey Lewandowski been having an affair?

Kristi, who Daily Mail claims believes in "family values," has been probably involved with Corey Lewandowski since 2019, if not before.

It noted that the pair recently met on Friday when Lewandowski travelled with Trump to Rapid City, South Dakota, for a campaign rally.

However, they remained "careful" about holding any public interaction after they were aware of a pending relationship on their relationship. This had not been the case before.

In 2021, American Greatness, a far-right website claimed they were romantically involved. However, Kristi strongly rejected the story as a "total garbage and disgusting lie."

Did Kristi Noem defend traditional marriage?

Kristi Noem has served four terms as the only member of the US House of Representatives.

She won the governorship in 2018 promising to uphold family values which she, as per the publication, South Dakotans have 'long embraced.

The most important to her was "traditional marriage" which as per Kristi is "a special, God-given union between one man and one woman."

"It was the foundation for her beliefs, policy priorities and the ideals she lives by," Noem had reportedly said.

The Daily Mail claimed "extensive evidence" of the couple's romantic relationship including, but not limited to, trips that mixed business with pleasure, and flights on private planes besides stays at luxury resorts where many people observed their intimacy.

It also gave source accounts deep-diving into their alleged relationship affair.

In a historic first, Bryon Noem became the Gentleman of South Dakota in 2019

Bryon made history on January 5, 2019, by becoming the First Gentleman of South Dakota.

He runs Noem Insurance Company which deals with crop insurance. The 54-year-old also has a hunting lodge which he co-runs with his wife.

Born in Hamlin County, South Dakota, he first worked on his family ranch and helped manage a family restaurant shortly after completing his education at Northern State University with a degree in business finance, as per the National Governors Association website.

He then worked at Bryant State Bank as an insurance agent and later purchased the insurance portion of the bank to turn it into Noem Insurance.

Bryon even manages Kristi's campaigns and also acts as an advisor on her political journey.

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