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xQc lashes out at HasanAbi for using Cuban ethnic 'g-slur': 'Come on, bro'

2023-11-24 13:56
xQc challenged him, urging him to specify the "other one," which is a homophobic "f-slur" that can also refer to a bundle of sticks
xQc lashes out at HasanAbi for using Cuban ethnic 'g-slur': 'Come on, bro'

QUEBEC, CANADA: HasanAbi has drawn criticism for using the Cuban "g-slur" in reference to streamer Destiny once more. He clarified his defense by saying that it only meant "worm."

This led xQc to confront him, asking him to identify the "other one," which is a homophobic "f-slur" that may also refer to a bunch of sticks.

xQc confronts HasanAbi for using 'g-slur'

Hasan was informed by a commenter on his stream that, as a result of the dispute over his "g-slur" last year, his buddies no longer watch him. In response, Hasan repeated the phrase on his stream and defended it as merely a "political take."

xQc reacted to this and stated, "Okay, well, I mean, okay, then say the other one then, dude. It's just a bundle of sticks, man."

During a recent livestream by HasanAbi, a commenter mentioned that his friends, who are "D frogs" (followers of Destiny), had stopped watching the streamer's content. This comment was linked to Hasan's use of the Cuban "g-slur" in 2022.

To put things in perspective, the name "G-slur," or "G**ano," was traditionally used by Cubans to refer to other Cubans who were thought to be or were truly pro-US, pro-revolutionary, and anti-Castro.

When translated literally from Spanish to English, it translates to "worm," according to Google Translate.

Following the "chatterbox" remark, Hasan reiterated and vocalized the phrase, asserting that it was a political perspective and meant "worm."

"G**ano? Okay. 'Cuban g-slur'. What the f**k? It means worm, dawg. It's like a political f**king take. It means counter-revolutionary," he said.

xQc responded to HasanAbi's outright use of the slur by expressing his strong dissatisfaction with Hasan's defense.

The homophobic "f-word," the Spanish ethnic "s-slur," or the Chinese ethnic "c-slur" are just a few examples of additional insults that Felix urged him to use the same reasoning to take out loud.

"Okay, then say the other one, dude, it just means, y'know, it's just a word in Spanish. Okay, then say the other one, it just means- like, come on bro, what is this? (Hasan talks about the c-slur) Come on, bro. Come on, bro," xQc said.

Internet reacts to HasanAbi's 'g-slur'

Many on the internet agreed with xQc's comments and criticized HasanAbi's justification for using the Cuban slur, going as far as labeling him as racist.

A user on Reddit wrote, "There is no excuse for Hasan, the fact that his unapologetic racist behavior and the racist behavior you see him foster in his community is allowed is inexcusable."

Another user mentioned, "Hasan viewers when destiny says subhuman with a very specific context: MONSTER! Hasan viewers when Hasan used gusano when the word is mean (sic) to describe the person being called it as subhuman: ermm (sic) its actually a political word!"

A user also said, "Hasan fans when someone makes the OK symbol: white supremacist! Cancel them! Hasan fans when Hamas says they want to kill every Jew in the world: nah c'mon, they're a peaceful group! That's only one faction! It's insane how much grace they give themselves, and how little they give others. One day they'll feel the shoe on the other foot and I hope they wake up from that."

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