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What is Tom Cruise's position in Church of Scientology? 'Misson Impossible' star may testify in Leah Remini's lawsuit

2023-08-06 16:56
Tom Cruise might join Leah Remini on her one-woman quest to bring the Church of Scientology to its knees
What is Tom Cruise's position in Church of Scientology? 'Misson Impossible' star may testify in Leah Remini's lawsuit

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Actress Leah Remini has launched a one-woman campaign to bring the Church of Scientology to its knees, and she plans to enlist Tom Cruise in her cause. Remini, 53, alleged in a lawsuit brought this month that the Church mentally chastised her for inquiring about its leader's missing wife at Cruise and Katie Holmes' 2006 wedding. The 'King of Queens' actor filed a complaint on Wednesday, August 2, claiming that the church she left in 2013 engaged in a harassment operation against her and other "survivors" to demand a true accounting.

Remini, 53, claimed that she was detained at a Scientology center and "psychologically punished" after inquiring about David Miscavige's wife, Shelly Miscavige, at Cruise's 2006 Italian wedding. A highly placed insider told New York Post, "I think that Leah will call Tom to be a witness. She claims that she was abused after his wedding, so why wouldn’t she call him? He’s a part of this."

What is Tom Cruise's position in Church of Scientology?

Cruise has been a Scientologist for almost as long as he has been known as an actor. His first wife, Mimi Rogers, is said to have introduced him to the Church in 1986, the same year that 'Top Gun' was released. The Church's protracted history of alleged wrongdoings and abuses and Cruise's position as its most well-known member and a senior official with close links to founder Miscavige. As per Daily Mail, Cruise is a vocal supporter of Scientology and one of its most well-known adherents, having earned the highest level of Operating Thetan.

The church originated from the works of British science fiction novelist L Ron Hubbard, who believed that "thetans," or immortal spirits, temporarily inhabit human bodies. Critics have long referred to it as a "cult" because of its methodologies, which include pressuring members to make billion-year commitments of obedience and secrecy.

Over the years, a lot is alleged to have occurred, from the horrifying accusations made against the Church (such as abuse, human trafficking, and forced labor; the Church has refuted all of these claims) to the various claims made regarding Cruise's connection to it (such as the alleged setting up of romantic partners; the Church has refuted this claim as well). However, none of it has ever truly gotten to Cruise or even bothered him. Even Alex Gibney, who helmed the scathing 'Going Clear' documentary (based on the same-titled book by Lawrence Wright), recently revealed to Rolling Stone that he was "surprised" Cruise had escaped any sort of retribution.

'Essentially second in command'

If Cruise is required to appear in court, it may be extremely embarrassing for both the immensely bankable actor and the notoriously secrecy-loving faith he follows. Remini contends in the lawsuit that, as Miscavige's "best friend" and "essentially second in command," he is at the center of the organization. She claims that after asking about Shelly's whereabouts at Cruise's wedding, she was detained for four months at a Scientology facility and put through a process that "nearly led her to have a psychotic breakdown."

Remini joined the church when she was a teenager after learning about it from her parents and quit it in 2013. It is claimed that she joined its inner circle, the 'Sea Organization,' by signing one of its "million-year contracts." She claims that it has propagated false information about her on numerous social media accounts under its control. Additionally, it is claimed that family members, friends, and coworkers have been "incessantly harassed, threatened, intimidated, and embarrassed."

'Leah’s the absolute opposite of Tom Cruise'

According to its detractors, Scientology has a policy known as "Fair Game" that employs harsh tactics against its adversaries, especially those who leave. According to two top executives who left Scientology in 2006, Claire Headley and her husband Mark, Cruise was an important member of the church's leadership. She informed The Post that it would make sense for Remini to call Cruise as a witness because of his experience, which meant he would have "personal knowledge" of "abuses" within Scientology and knowledge of "Fair Game." Claire asserted, "Leah’s the absolute opposite of Tom Cruise, she’s one of a kind and she’s leading the charge."