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'The View' host Ana Navarro makes fans swoon as she poses for selfies in 'stunning' vacay jewelry haul

2023-09-08 12:50
Ana Navarro is still reminiscing about her summer vacation in Greece and Turkey
'The View' host Ana Navarro makes fans swoon as she poses for selfies in 'stunning' vacay jewelry haul

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Ana Navarro is currently in New York filming ‘The View.’

Although she is back from her summer vacation, where she spent weeks cruising with her husband Al Cardenas, in Greece and Turkey, Navarro can’t help but reminisce and hold on to certain moments from her trip.

In her latest Instagram post, Navarro shared details of her new necklaces as she posed for a selfie.

Navarro also told her followers about her travel habits, where she likes to buy something that reminds her of the place in question.

In response, fans swooned over Navarro’s look and choice of jewelry.

Ana Navarro flaunts her jewelry from Greece and Turkey

On Instagram, 'The View' host shared details about her new necklace, her love of leaf motifs, and a habit she holds dear when traveling.

As Navarro posed for a selfie, wearing an olive branch necklace, she wrote, “Whenever I travel, I like to buy something that reminds me of the places I’ve been.”

She continued, “Doesn’t have to be expensive. I just have to like it. If you know me, you know I ❤️ leaf motifs. I bought this olive branch necklace set in Greece. 🇬🇷 And I bought an evil eye 🧿 necklace in Turkey. 🇹🇷 Obsessed with both. And every time I wear them, I think of swimming in the Aegean and it makes me happy.”

Fans praise Ana Navarro’s choice of jewelry

Ana Navarro’s fans rushed to the comments section with praise and positivity for ‘The View’ co-host.

One fan commented, “I noticed your necklace and earrings right away this morning. They are beautiful” while another said, “You look amazing.”

Fans have also shared some of their own experiences with similar necklaces that Navarro mentioned in her caption, “I have worn evil eyes for years and also have several in my home. 🧿I truly do believe in them. My husband is Greek but grew up in Turkey. You look amazing!”

“Evil eye is nice and almost doesn’t look like an evil eye, I love the olive branch!” wrote one fan, as they focussed on Navarro’s necklace.

However, the praise for ‘The View’ co-host continued to pour in, “You are looking fabulous.”

Navarro’s fans have also applauded her taste in jewelry, “You have nice taste in jewelry,” a fan said.

One fan commented, “You look stunning and I love the evil eye necklace.”

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