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'She was so pretty and talented': Naya Rivera fans pay tribute as 'Glee' cast releases her posthumous single

2023-12-02 20:53
'This song has meant so much to me over the years and now I hope it will for all of you,' Kevin McHale wrote about Naya Rivera's single
'She was so pretty and talented': Naya Rivera fans pay tribute as 'Glee' cast releases her posthumous single

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: The cast members of 'Glee' came together to deliver a special holiday gift to the fans of late Naya Rivera. The group released a single titled 'Prayer for the Broken', which was sung by Rivera before her death.

The song was released posthumously, as part of the annual fundraiser known as Snixxmas, after Rivera's former costars reportedly received permission from her family to finish the track.

The fundraiser is organized every year since Rivera died at age 33 in July 2020 in order to pay tribute to the singer-actress by honoring one of her favorite charities, Alexandria House.

All the proceeds from the single will reportedly go to the organization, which supports women and children experiencing homelessness.

Kevin McHale shared a touching Instagram video to celebrate Naya Rivera's 'gift'

According to People, Alexandria House shared that the cast of 'Glee' reportedly received permission from Rivera’s mother, Yolanda Previtire, and the original songwriters, Isaac Hasson and Lindy Robbins, to release the track.

Kevin McHale, Ashley Fink, Vanessa Lengies, Heather Morris, Amber Riley and Jenna Ushkowitz contributed to the song and even provided their back-up vocals to the final version of the song.

McHale took to Instagram to share a thoughtful video featuring the performers involved with the project. In the clip, the 'Glee' stars teased their annual charity drive alongside the song and a footage of their process in the studio.

"This year, let’s celebrate the gifts Naya gave to us, her talent and her heart," McHale wrote in the caption of the video.

"This song has meant so much to me over the years and now I hope it will for all of you," he added.

'Prayer for the Broken' was first composed and recorded in 2012 and explores the theme of uplifting anyone experiencing loneliness or feeling like an outcast.

Ashley Fink opens up about releasing Naya Rivera's 'Prayer for the Broken'

Fink opened up about working on Rivera's 'Prayer for the Broken' while speaking to People at the opening night of 'Love Actually Live' in Los Angeles.

"When we all got together in the recording studio, all we talked about was Naya, our Snicks, and all these fun memories," she shared.

"The thing about Glee is — I know everyone says this — but it was such a family," Fink mentioned, adding, "So few people got to experience what we experienced together."

"It's something that bonds you forever, and we've gone through so much tragedy, unfortunately," she continued.

"The tragedy, the triumphs, and the love, there's so much love there between all of us," Fink shared.

"Any time we get together, we talk about Cory [Monteith], we talk about Naya," she added.

"It's a wonderful way to honor her memory, and all get to share our favorite moments together every year," Fink said.

The actress also explained that the idea for Snixxmas originated from a party of the same name Rivera used to throw in reference to her nickname "Snixx."

"After she passed, Kevin McHale and Jenna and her best friend, Telly, all decided to keep it going in her memory. Because she wasn't here, we all wanted to make sure every year we donated to [Alexandria House]," Fink stated.

"They got to buy an entire apartment complex for women in need, and it's so incredible," the 'Glee' alum mentioned.

Fans shares emotional tribute to Naya Rivera after 'Prayer For The Broken' release

Several fans took to X (formerly Twitter) to pay tribute to Rivera following the release of 'Prayer For The Broken.'

"RIP she was so pretty and talented," one wrote. "We will be streaming in her memory," another added.

"Naya Rivera is a champ It’s good for her to continue to excel," one commented.

"Naya, we will never ever forget you, we love you," one mentioned.

"Literally got shivers hearing her," a fifth remarked.

One said, "i cannot believe that prayer for the broken is finally out. naya rivera i am so so proud of you"

While another added, "This is so beautiful! I can listen to her beautiful voice every single day. I love that the glee cast participated in this and released it. Thank you for honering (sic) her and keeping her legacy alive."

One wrote, "never thought we would hear naya rivera’s voice again in a new song. what a gift to get 'prayer for the broken' this morning"

Before another noted, "Even listening to Prayer For The Broken on Spotify, compared to the soundcloud version Naya originally released years ago, they’ve enhanced the instrumentals and production. Sounds angelic and a very fitting tribute for snixxmas this year."

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