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The Bachelorette's Nayte Olukoya drops clues about new GF after messy public breakup with Michelle Young

2023-11-26 12:57
'The Bachelorette' winner Nayte Olukoya Met his new GF in a bar
The Bachelorette's Nayte Olukoya drops clues about new GF after messy public breakup with Michelle Young

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: 'The Bachelorette' Season 18 winner Nayte Olukoya was seen revealing his new GF in an interview on 'The Dave Neal Show.' When asked about his current relationship, Nayte confessed to be dating for a long time now, however, he refused to reveal her name or anything personal about his new girlfriend.

Nayte revealed that he did not know his new GF from the show, neither did she know he was a reality TV on their first date. When asked "How did you guys meet?" Nayte replied, "We met at a bar."

The dating show winner further explained how he was left smitten by her new GF. When asked "Who hit on who," he replied, "I definitely hit on her." Furthermore, he added to have been left smitten by her now GF's first appearance.

He further explained it was "eye contact" first when they met at the bar and then they got to talking. He claimed, "After the bar, obviously, we didn't go home together coz I don't do that."

Nayte refused to reveal the exact time, but he claimed to have been together with his now girlfriend "for a while." He added, "I kind of keep my privacy, that's why she's not on my Instagram."

How did 'The Bachelorette' winner Nayte Olukoya post-breakup situation with Michelle Young

Nayte and Michelle's Young relationship was most loved of all. But, there came a fall and it was hard for both to deal with the breakup.

When asked how did Nayte dealt with the post-breakup situation, he claimed, "I didn't go home, I stayed in LA." Nayte waited for days to pass for the fans' backlash to soften down and the environment to get safer for him and his family.

He claimed that moment to be, "That s**t messed me up." He added, "The online world is r stars, ruthless man, that f*** really really f***ed me up and I'm not even going to lie." He accepted that the breakup did not mess him up but the post-breakup online lash surely did.

Why did 'The Bachelorette' star Nayte Olukoya and Michelle Young break up?

Nayte and Michelle parted ways in June, 2022. Talking about his relationship post-split, Nayte confessed, "Our relationship was tough. There were lots of ups and downs, lots of arguments, lots of fights, just not really clicking, not really seeing eye to eye."

ET reports the communication between the two of them completely ended in mid-July. He claimed the reason for split to be their "insecurity." and the "pressure to always be perfect."

Nayte said they were "two different people from two completely different worlds."

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