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Tristan Tate shares thoughts on footballer Benjamin Mendy's case involving rape accusations: ‘He lost his entire life’

2023-10-06 15:26
Tristan Tate appeared on 'The Ahmad Mahmood Show' and talked about how the case against Benjamin Mendy affected him
Tristan Tate shares thoughts on footballer Benjamin Mendy's case involving rape accusations: ‘He lost his entire life’

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA: Kickboxer turned influencer Tristan Tate has reflected on footballer Benjamin Mendy's case and the consequences of public accusations.

In the fall of 2020, the former Manchester City player was accused of attacking a 24-year-old lady in a bedroom at his Cheshire home. Additionally, he was accused of attempting to rape a 29-year-old woman at the same location two years ago per BBC. Benjamin Mendy, however, was found not guilty in both cases.

Tristan Tate weighs in on Benjamin Mendy's case

Recently, the younger brother of Andrew Tate, Tristan Tate, reacted to the rape accusation against Mendy during an appearance on 'The Ahmad Mahmood Show'.

Giving his thoughts on the case, Andrew's brother said, "Benjamin Mendy was a football player who was accused of rape by was it one or multiple women?"

He continued, "In a court of law, they found that he was not guilty, he was innocent but he lost his career, he lost his ability to play football, he lost his entire life and now it's like, 'Okay, it's fine' and the mob just moves on to attack someone else like me."

He continued his rant, saying, "When it comes out that Tristan Tate is in fact not a human trafficker, no one's going to care about the two years of abuse and harassment that I got."

He concluded, "These things put a hex on your name for the rest of your life which is scary."

Tristan Tate slammed Sean Strickland

UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland recently made some strong comments about Andrew and Tristan Tate. The younger Tate brother appears to have reacted violently when Strickland called out the infamous brother duo for defrauding their audience.

He said, "This guy, a professional fighter, to sit there and say that I should have some remorse for the addict is embarrassing. He’s providing so much entertainment for these millions of people around the world watching. You think people don’t bet, my G?"

He added, "The fact that there’s so much gambling involved and the fact that people bet is why you get paid in the f**king first place. It comes from the addict, the people who cannot be helped."

Tristan Tate also said, " Every time you fight, somebody has lost everything he had. Don’t you dare lecture me, little man, about what I’ve done in my past. Because the addicts cannot be helped.”

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