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'RHONY' star Bethenny Frankel lashes out at TJ Maxx for selling her fake $869 Manolo Blahnik shoes

2023-07-23 09:19
'RHONY' star Bethenny Frankel calls out TJ Maxx for selling her 'tons of s**t'
'RHONY' star Bethenny Frankel lashes out at TJ Maxx for selling her fake $869 Manolo Blahnik shoes

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Bethenny Frankel has been faked. And, she is not being silent about it. The 'Real Housewives of New York City' star took to Instagram on Saturday to alert and inform her fans after she was sold the fake product by a specific store chain from where she has been purchasing things for a long time.

Explaining how she recognized being sold a fake product, Bethenny captioned her clip, "She is FURIOUS." The reality star was furious with TJ Maxx for selling her counterfeit Manolo Blahnik shoes. She wrote in her video "FAKE MANOLOS???" Well, this was not it, Bethenny also promoted these shoes being unknown about she has bought a lot of things from TZ Maxx.

'This is the most effed up thing yet'

Furious Bethenny took to Instagram to lash out her anger and publicly call out TJ Maxx for selling her the fake product. She said in her video, "This is the most effed up thing yet." The 52-year-old was informed by fashion blogger Jack Savoie that she purchased a fake product. Jack said to New York City star, "Bethenny, those shoes are fake." Bethenny added, "They should have a suede sole. He said there were a number of dots that were wrong and the logo is wrong and that he doesn't think TJ sells Manolos."

Bethenny then called out TJ Maxx as she bought "tons of s**t" from the store and has been promoting them on her social media and helping them get thousands of followers. The reality star confessed that she loved the store and the idea of buying luxury items from there. Being disheartened by what happened to her, she said, "Never did I think that it could be fake product in here. It just never occurred to me." She had so much confidence in the store because it's a public company and she even owns a stock of it. Despite having so much confidence she was faked.

Bethenny Frankel asks for a 'larger check' for fake counterfeit

Bethenny shared in her video that she called TJ Maxx about the particular shoe. The store said the reality star that she must have done a "counterfeit return" as it rarely happens from their side. Bethenny was asked for the receipt for the shoes. But, she didn't have it as she had already thrown it out. The reality star lashed out for getting a 40 when her size is 39. Furthermore, when she was disappointed for not getting a gift card for Jack who informed her about the shoe being fake. Despite promoting TZ Maxx for a long time she was not given money for being damaged.

The reality star accepted that her $869 was reimbursed by the store that she spent on the faux shoe. However, $869 was not the amount she expected to get from the store. The star said in her video, "I effectively without cursing said 'I don’t have the receipt and next, you’re going to send me a larger check.' I’ve done millions of dollars in free advertising for you and not asking for a goddamn thing."

Despite the ordeal, the 'RHONY' star claimed that she will "wear these fake counterfeit shoes with pride" because she owns them. Towards the end of her video, Btehenny warned her fan, "Do not buy luxury goods at TJ Maxx."