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'RHOC' fans accuse Emily Simpson of using Ozempic after dramatic weight loss: 'It's not all diet and exercise'

2023-06-25 13:19
After Kyle Richards and Dolores Catania, 'RHOC' star Emily Simpson is now under the radar for alleged Ozempic use
'RHOC' fans accuse Emily Simpson of using Ozempic after dramatic weight loss: 'It's not all diet and exercise'

LAGUNA BEACH, CALIFORNIA: 'RHOC' star Emily Simpson recently took to Instagram to share a series of pictures featuring her twins and an unexpected photobombing dog. While the photos showcased her remarkable weight loss, which she attributed to her recent dedication to working out, some internet users remained skeptical and speculated about her potential use of the weight loss drug Ozempic.

This scrutiny isn't unique to Emily, as other Bravo housewives like 'RHOBH' star Kyle Richards and Dolores Catania have also faced false accusations of using Ozempic. Dolores, a cast member of 'RHONJ', even admitted to using the drug after being targeted by trolls. Unfortunately, it appears that the spotlight is once again shining on a Hollywood housewife, fueling speculation about the use of Ozempic.

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Is 'RHOC' star Emily Simpson taking Ozempic?

Emily Simpson took to Instagram to share a stunning photo of herself donning an elegant all-black ensemble. She confidently posed alongside her adorable 6-year-old twin sons, Luke and Keller. Emily's chic outfit consisted of a waist-cut jumpsuit-style dress, which accentuated her recent figure transformation. To complete her stylish look, she accessorized with trendy sunglasses and beige wedge heels that perfectly matched her attire. Notably, she flaunted a glamorous pair of golden Dolce & Gabbana earrings, complementing her denim jacket and her eye-catching wedding ring. As she captioned the picture saying, "Happy Friday Friends! What are your plans for the weekend?!"

Later in the caption she sponsored the brand of whose jumpsuit she wore and gave a code for a discounted price. Then the 'RHOC' star added in the caption, "I was trying to get a cute photo of the jumpsuit but my boys and dog kept jumping in the photos. Have an awesome weekend friends! Xoxo."

While Emily has been actively sharing her workout routines, fans couldn't help but express their skepticism about her significant weight loss. In the comment section, speculations arose, suggesting that Emily's remarkable transformation may be attributed to the use of Ozempic.

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'Ozempic I’m sure'

The internet was ablaze as she posed with a full slim-down figure some users asked questions whereas some users were busy making a concrete statement about her weight loss. As one user wrote, "How’s that ozempic working out for you?" Another added with a question, "Is this the result of ozempic??" A third user commented asking, "You look amazing. Are you on Ozempic or the other shot?" While a few other users were convinced of her Ozempic use as one user said, "Oh oh oh ozempic, you know! You look fabulous but you looked fabulous pre ozempic too." Another user added in disappointment and said, ":( I was so confident you wouldn’t buy into the ozempic cult." One more fan added, "Wow she lost weight. Ozempic I’m sure," as one user made a direct statement thanking the weight loss drug for her recent look and said, "Thx to ozempic."

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