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Olivia Dunne shares controversial 'patriotic' video on TikTok from NASCAR event, fans dub it 'insult' to military

2023-06-27 19:19
Olivia Dunne recently shared a video on TikTok that stirred up a fresh controversy
Olivia Dunne shares controversial 'patriotic' video on TikTok from NASCAR event, fans dub it 'insult' to military

OMAHA, NEBRASKA: Olivia Dunne's latest 'patriotic' video on TikTok has stirred controversy after she announced that her pronouns are USA. The TikTok star, who has over 7.5 million followers, shot her latest video at the Ally 400 NASCAR race at the Nashville Speedway.

The TikTok appeared following Dunne's well-deserved holiday in Italy. While in Europe, the American gymnast astonished fans with some of her boldest looks to date, including one from a photoshoot on a yacht off the coast of Amalfi.

'My pronouns are USA'

In the recent video, the LSU gymnast stood between two soldiers at the ceremony in the five-second 'viral' video, saying in a voiceover, "my pronouns are USA." Dunne captioned the video, "Murica."

Dunne was wearing blue shorts and white crop top and teamed it with black eye gear. To complete the look, she left her hair open. Dunne stated in the comments area that the video was recorded by her mother. She wrote in response to her fan's comment, "My mom literally recorded this"

@livvy Murica.🦅🫡 #nascar #foryou ♬ original sound - sara

After watcing the video, fans started commenting on Dunne's video. A fan wrote saying that Dunne insulted the Army, "This is honestly an insult to them bro." Another one added, "army recruiters are using this as we speak"

Olivia Dunne speculated to be dating NASCAR driver

Dunne's latest photos with professional stock car racing driver Chase Elliott from a race event in Nashville have sparked rumors as fans speculate about her current dating status. The 20-year-old gymnast was spotted with Elliott, both on and off the track, leading many to speculate that she is dating the NASCAR driver.

Dunne was spotted with Elliott multiple times, both on the track and in the pit lane. Elliott and Dunne appeared to be having fun together as they posed for shots. Elliott had previously been linked to actress Ashley Anderson. Despite the fact that the rumored pair continued to make headlines for their public outings, he had never talked publicly about his connection with Anderson.

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