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Kai Cenat and Duke Dennis reflect on Fourth of July fireworks incident at AMP house, Internet says 'they got money they don’t care'

2023-07-07 14:57
Kai Cenat and his housemate Duke Dennis discussed the aftermath of the fireworks incident at AMP house
Kai Cenat and Duke Dennis reflect on Fourth of July fireworks incident at AMP house, Internet says 'they got money they don’t care'

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Twitch streamer Kai Cenat with a massive following of over 5 million on the platform has recently garnered attention due to his participation in the Fourth of July festivities at the AMP house, alongside his fellow AMP members.

During their celebration, they chose to use large firecrackers in the house, which resulted in the entire house being saturated with the remains of the explosive firecrackers. The house was illuminated by the light and noise of the firecrackers that were set off throughout the house, causing disturbances to the other residents. After this event, Cenat and fellow resident Duke Dennis discussed the aftermath in a live stream that took place in the house AMP. Read on for more insights.

‘What do we gain from this?’

During a recent live stream, Cenat and Duke engaged in a discussion regarding the fireworks incident that took place at the AMP house. The live stream, showcasing their indoor fireworks activities, quickly gained viral attention on various social media platforms. Many of their fans delighted in watching their beloved streamers ignite fireworks inside the house. They playfully engaged in a battle of sorts with their fellow AMP housemates. Following the firework extravaganza, Cenat and Duke decided to connect with their fans through a live stream, sharing their experiences. One particular video clip, captioned "2 minutes after they destroyed the AMP house, Duke and Kai had a realization," gained significant traction on Twitter.

In the video, they chuckled at their own actions during the firework festivities. Cenat then questioned the purpose of their actions, exclaiming, “What do we gain from this? Yo, what the f**l do we gain from this bro? Nah, like. Don't get me wrong, this sh*t fun as sh*t. You know what I'm saying? But really, no bullsh*t though? Some real sh*t, like... This sh*t really crazy, like. Just look at this house.” Both of them acknowledged their fortunate circumstances, stating, "We blessed as f*ck! Like, I'm really living the life. Damn... But at the same time, it's like, bro what the f*ck is we on."

Cenat continued expressing his excitement, "I'm not going to lie, it was lit though, it was lit. Chat, it was super lit. Like, content-wise it was amazing. Real life, it was really lit, like, everybody was running around, sh*t blowing up. It's really lit”

‘They got money, they don’t care’

After watching the viral clip on Twitter, one fan worried about the cleaner, “An elderly maid would have WW2 PTSD cleaning that shit.” Another fan said, “I think next year they should just rent a warehouse or a paintball place." A fan said, “Next year do it again with teams and one has a fire extinguisher on each and you try to burn the others base down. Stay dangerous.” One user said, “They got money, they don’t care.”

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