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IShowSpeed accidentally breaks PC as he celebrates unpacking Neymar Jr 'EAFC 24' game card

2023-10-25 15:47
As he revealed several cards, IShowSpeed's stream took an exciting turn when he managed to secure Martinez Quarta in his first purple card opening
IShowSpeed accidentally breaks PC as he celebrates unpacking Neymar Jr 'EAFC 24' game card

CINCINNATI, OHIO: Darren Watkins, known as IShowSpeed, achieved the feat of unpacking Neymar Jr's card on the 'EA SPORTS FC 24' game. However, his celebration took an unexpected turn as he accidentally broke his PC setup while dancing in joy.

Speed's dedicated fandom for Neymar has been well-documented, and their live interaction in person made headlines, ultimately leading to this special 'EAFC' pack opening.

It's worth noting that Speed's recent in-real-life streams have gained significant traction, as he shares experiences from various locations including Japan, India, Manchester, and more.

Additionally, his charitable acts during livestream sessions, particularly interactions with homeless individuals, have not gone unnoticed.

With a profound passion for football, Speed's interest has naturally extended to streaming 'EAFC' and 'FIFA'.

IShowSpeed disappointed over PC mishap

During a recent livestream by IShowSpeed, the content shifted away from his usual reaction and gaming focus. Instead, he decided to engage in a series of 'EAFC' pack openings while simultaneously playing a game.

As he revealed several cards, the stream took an exciting turn when he managed to secure Martinez Quarta in his first purple card opening. However, the peak of his pack-opening adventure was yet to come.

The ultimate highlight came when Speed successfully unpacked Neymar Jr, sending waves of excitement through him. In his jubilation, he shouted and celebrated Neymar Jr's fantastic pack by dancing to Brazilian music.

However, his exuberant dance moves inadvertently led to the catastrophic collapse of his entire PC setup.

Initially, his movements were controlled, but as he intensified his dance, the vigor caused his earphones to dislodge, followed by components of the PC falling apart.

Though clearly dismayed by the mishap, Speed proceeded to rectify the situation, remarking, "What the f**k bro, I just f****d up my whole s**t bro."

Unfortunately, the chaos didn't end there. In the midst of the turmoil, he accidentally sold off his prized Neymar Jr card, eliciting immediate disappointment.

He exclaimed, "No, I did not mean to do that! I did not! Oh my god, I just actually did sell him, bro."

The ensuing video showcasing IShowSpeed's PC mishap swiftly gained traction across social media platforms.

An official fan page of Speed shared the clip with a caption that read, "Speed Packs Neymar in EA FC, and to celebrate, he begins dancing to a Brazilian song. However, as he starts dancing, his entire PC falls on him."

After watching the livestream, one fan said, "Fake a**," another fan wrote, "Looks like a fake PC to me Imaoo."

IShowSpeed 'EAFC' pack openings

In previous instances, IShowSpeed has been a consistent presence in 'EAFC' pack openings, known for his humorous commentary and distinctive approach to pronouncing card names. These moments have often gone viral.

During his initial playthrough on the current 'EAFC' version, Speed was astounded to discover Women Footballers in his pack.

This marked the first time he had acquired two women footballers on EAFC 24. He excitedly shared this achievement on Instagram. S

peed also reached out to Sofie Svava via direct message, playfully expressing, "Yo, I just pulled you on FIFA, you are cute, can I get your number?"

This event has caused quite a stir online. As of now, there is no update from Svava's end. Stay tuned for any exclusive updates.

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