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Internet rips into Elon Musk after Fox News' Laura Ingraham supports X CEO over claim that free speech is 'under assault'

2023-12-02 13:21
Laura Ingraham said, 'Musk is voicing the same frustration that millions of Americans feel about what they see happening to this country'
Internet rips into Elon Musk after Fox News' Laura Ingraham supports X CEO over claim that free speech is 'under assault'

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham shares her take on the response to advertisers departing from X, previously recognized as Twitter and Elon Musk’s commitment to free speech on her show ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

Following this, Ingraham took to X to share her monologue with 4.6 million followers as she backed Musk for voicing his concerns on freedom of speech.

However, the internet did not respond positively to Ingraham’s tweet as many X users took a brutal jab at the Twitter CEO, Musk.

Laura Ingraham says ‘freedoms are under assault’

Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham took to X and wrote, “Elon Musk is voicing the same frustration that millions and millions of Americans feel, that freedoms we once took for granted are under assault. | #FreedomOfSpeech @elonmusk.”

Her tweet presented a video from her take where she said, “If you think Democrats are truly worried about election interference, you're not paying attention, people.”

She continued, “When they obsessed about Russia's meddling in the election, that was only to hurt Trump. And if you think that they believe democracy is at risk if Trump wins the White House, you're not listening.”

“These same people trashed the credibility of our DOJ and our FBI. They've destroyed our once secure border. They have done enormous damage to the public's faith in these democratic institutions. They don't care about democracy.”

“And if you think liberals still cared about free speech, I think you're stuck in a late 1960s time warp. Liberals now embrace government censorship. They embrace government surveillance of innocent Americans if those Americans are their political opponents.”

Ingraham divulged on free speech, “Now the former free speech crowd are filled with totalitarians – they're the new totalitarians because they believe people like Trump and DeSantis need to be stopped by any means necessary. Eh, they have civil rights? Not really.”

“And of course, Elon Musk, he falls into that same category. Persona non grata. Yesterday, he was pressed on the exodus of sponsors from X over a Media Matters campaign against him for allegedly antisemitic content on Twitter. Well, he was the F-bomb heard around the world.”

She further added, “Now, to many, his response was crass. We kind of got it on the first F-bomb, but I really thought about this in many ways.”

“Musk is voicing the same frustration that millions and millions of Americans feel about what they see happening to this country. I mean, they're not multibillionaires, but they see what's happening.”

“Freedoms that we once took for granted are under assault. And none are more important than the freedom of speech.”

Ingraham went on to support Musk saying, “You cannot back down. He is 100% correct. But then again, as Musk himself conceded in the quick response world of social media, he gave the corporate overlords who want to destroy him an easy opening.”

“And of course, they took it. Already IBM, Apple, Disney, Warner Brothers and others have pulled all their ads from X. And the media of all groups, they gleefully celebrated the threat to Musk's $44 billion investment.”

She said, “None of them concerned about free speech at all. None of them. Now, at this point, I think most everyone understands that the business establishment, all those advertisers, it's aligned with government powerbrokers here and abroad who want to restrict free speech as much as possible.”

“At some point, they've all come to the conclusion that regular workaday people have too much freedom and that a free flow of information doesn't really work any longer. Absorbing too much freedom, too much speech, no, that's not a good thing.”

“And mainly about how the establishment has been failing them for decades, they're learning that information, so that information must be tightly controlled.”

Ingraham concluded adding, “Now, to that end, most media outlets are becoming more and more closely aligned with establishment political figures.’

“Now, in the United States, for example, most of our press is simply an extension of the Biden campaign. That's why they report uncritically about any and every investigation into Donald Trump, no matter how tainted by politics.”

Internet calls Elon Musk a ‘temper tantrum child’

After Laura Ingraham shared her take on the freedom of speech and Elon Musk’ commitment towards it, many X users didn’t agree and slammed X founder.

One person wrote, “Oh he's one to talk! He silences dems and libs all over X.”

Another slammed Musk adding, “Elon musk argues that he doesn’t need other people’s money. He flat out said stop advertising on his platform. Fox should say the same thing instead of defending him.”

One simply said, “He’s a fascist,” and another called out Musk, “No. Elon Musk is a petulant elitist who chooses to act like a temper-tantrum-addled child in public.”

An X user took a brutal jab at the CEO, “Musk and Laura Ingraham won't be satisfied until everyone on the planet is living in poverty...All so they have the "freedom" to use their wealth to roll over anyone who dares get in their way.”

One more added, “@elonmusk is an asshole. His whiny ass has no right to advertisers ongoing purchases. He doesn’t defend free speech, he enables hate. Musk is killing Twitter all by himself.”