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Is Al Roker retiring? 'Today' host toys with idea on-air as Craig Melvin makes plans to replace weatherman

2023-08-18 15:19
On a recent episode of 'Today, Al Roker's co-hosts brought up his 69th birthday while his co-hosts teased him about it
Is Al Roker retiring? 'Today' host toys with idea on-air as Craig Melvin makes plans to replace weatherman

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: ‘Today’ meteorologist Al Roker recently hinted to his co-hosts and viewers about "retiring" following his 69th birthday.

On the episode that aired on Thursday, August 17, Craig Melvin, Dylan Dreyer and Sheinelle Jones brought up Roker’s birthday as he teased the idea of retiring in a playful argument with his co-hosts.

Roker has been on ‘Today’ for more than 15 years and has been working with NBC since 1978.

Is Al Roker retiring?

During the said episode, Roker, Melvin, Jones and Dreyer introduced the ‘3rd Hour’ segment and brought up the celebrated weathercaster's birthday. Melvin said about Roker, “You know this guy’s ready for the weekend. He’s got a big weekend."

Dreyer chimed in asking, “Is it a big birthday? It’s a regular birthday, but a big weekend." However, Roker casually remarked, “Eh, it’s 69."

Melvin added, “I mean, that’s practically 70," as Roker smiled broadly. He continued, “You’re practically 75!” evoking laughter at the table.

Roker exclaimed, “Well, here I am, I’m on a Smucker’s jar!” Dreyer chimed in with, “Way past retirement age," causing everyone to burst into laughter.

Roker replied, “You wish!” as Melvin clapped his hands and added, “That train’s never late.” He then told Dreyer, “It could be the year that you retire! Probably not."

Dreyer replied with a big grin, “I don’t think so." Roker laughed at Melvin’s remarks and said, “What’s wrong with you?”

Al Roker undergoes knee surgery

Following his knee surgery earlier in 2023, Roker shared an exciting milestone with his fans. Taking to Instagram, he posted a video update, offering insights into his progress since the operation.

Roker captioned the post, "A little #sundayserenity getting some steps in. How’s my #starttoday #starttodayfamily doing this morning? I actually feel like myself for the first time since early November of last year. Thanks for all the support."

In the video, he filmed himself while walking down the street while saying, "Good morning everybody, I hope you're having a good Sunday, maybe a little serenity for your Sunday."

He then moved the camera to show the calm water beside him. He then said, "That's my serenity there. I will tell you, since my medical emergency back at the end of last year and now, three months out from my knee surgery, this is the first weekend I actually feel like myself."

Roker then said, “For those of you who have gone through stuff like that, it's a great feeling." He then went on to appreciate and thank his fans, friends, and family for supporting him.

He concluded, "I hope you think about what you're thankful for on this Sunday."