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Internet accuses Kai Cenat of using children for views after Lil RT's rap with offensive lyrics during livestream goes viral: 'Gotta stop this s**t'

2023-11-22 17:24
Kai Cenat recently received backlash after he collaborated with Lil RT, a viral nine-year-old rapper from Atlanta, on a livestream
Internet accuses Kai Cenat of using children for views after Lil RT's rap with offensive lyrics during livestream goes viral: 'Gotta stop this s**t'

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Kai Cenat has once again drawn attention from the online community due to his recent livestream, though not for favorable reasons.

To provide context, Cenat recently featured the nine-year-old Atlanta-based music artist, Lil RT. During the broadcast, the young talent was encouraged to freestyle.

Much to the surprise of both the streamer and viewers, the child used inappropriate language, leaving everyone in shock. Some came forward to accuse Cenat of using children to gain views.

What did Lil RT say during Kai Cenat’s livestream?

Lil RT, a nine-year-old artist, has already left a notable imprint with the release of hit tracks like '60 Miles' and '60 Miles 2'.

His music has garnered widespread attention, achieving viral status and earning features on influential blog sites such as WorldStarHipHop. With over 179K followers on Instagram, Lil RT's popularity continues to surge, a clear testament to his rapidly expanding fan base.

However, when Lil RT collaborated with Kai Cenat, the situation took an unexpected turn, causing a bit of commotion. During a freestyle session, he delivered surprising and offensive lyrics, catching both the streamer and the audience off guard.

He apparently sang, "I walk your girl, and I get your girl and I want a hug. I got her number and I finna r**e her down upon her," as per an X (formerly Twitter) post.

Even the streamer was taken aback and he chased the young talent down in his room as the latter ran to the corner. However, the two quickly moved on from the incident.

Internet reacts to Lil RT's rap on Kai Cenat's livestream

Upon watching the livestream clip featuring Kai Cenat and Lil RT, many netizens flocked to share their perspective, especially when it came to the offensive lyrics.

One said, "Lmao generation of kids cooked," as another noted, "This is what these influencers do they influence the kids the wrong way for views, actually disgusting."

A person expressed, "Fam smh...we gotta stop this s**t," while someone else added, "Oh that’s another child with a terrible upbringing and influence."

Kai Cenat and Lil RT vibe to 'Boy's a Liar' and play Fortnite

During the livestream, Kai Cenat and Lil RT also enjoyed a dancing session as they vibied to 'Boy's Liar' by PinkPantheress. In a 32-second video uploaded on X (formerly Twitter), the child and Cenat can be seen executing powerful steps in sync with the song.

Moreover, Cenat assisted Lil RT in securing his first Fortnite victory. He coached Lil RT on how to play the game, and when he successfully won the game, both joined in a celebratory moment by playing the 'Ninja Pon Pon' song.

Engaging in a lively dance, they shared a hug and expressed their joy. Moving their hands and legs, they jumped while dancing and enthusiastically exclaimed, "Let's do it!"

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