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'I still can't sleep': Dylan Mulvaney reveals she has trouble sleeping since Bud Light scandal

2023-05-11 11:52
Mulvaney said that the trans debate has risen significantly in the United States
'I still can't sleep': Dylan Mulvaney reveals she has trouble sleeping since Bud Light scandal

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA: Trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney who has faced severe backlash for her partnership with Bud Light, spoke about having trouble sleeping at night and also wondered about the psychological effects of being called a man several times a day. Mulvaney made the comments while appearing on an episode of the 'Dear Schuyler' podcast, hosted by trans athlete Schuyler Bailar which was released on Monday, May 8.

She said that the trans debate has risen significantly in the United States, and transphobia has become flagrant, leading to an inhospitable 'wild west' for trans people. Mulvaney became the center of a controversy on April 1, after she shared a promotional Bud Light can with her face printed on it on Instagram. The incident made national headlines for weeks and several people voiced their anger and displeasure against Mulvaney.


Dylan Mulvaney slams haters 'misgendering' her as man, says she's 'not processing' Bud Light backlash

Dylan Mulvaney opens up about Bud Light controversy after returning to TikTok

Although Mulvaney admitted having sleeping problems, she said she would not waste any more time by trying to please others, especially after the immense hatred she has received online for the past several weeks.

What did Mulvaney say in the podcast?

"I remember even in college, just a few years ago, if one person potentially didn't like me it would keep me up at night and now there are hundreds of thousands of people that do not like me," she said. "I still sometimes can't sleep, but in a weird way it has been a blessing to break that people-pleasing mentality because there's no way that I can win those people over. If you go back to some of my earlier videos, I was pleading with these people, I was like, 'What can I say to show them a different part of myself? What can I do?'"

Who is Schuyler Bailar?

The host of the podcast, Schuyler Bailar, was the first transgender athlete to participate as a swimmer on an NCAA Division 1 men's team. He spoke on he deals with criticism and commented on Mulvaney was portrayed in the news. "You've been on the headlines a lot recently," he said. "Sometimes it's good, but a lot of times, I'm not going to tell you the headlines, a lot of times it's not so good."

"Oh, I know," Mulvaney replied before detailing how negative coverage has affected her and how she has distanced herself from social media. "I've been wondering a lot this past week what the psychological effects are, and will be, of being called a man thousands and thousands of times a day," she said. Mulvaney went on to explain that blocking the negative voices had the unfortunate consequence of shutting out those people who were offering her support.

"I want to be accessible to the right people but in other ways, if one person ruins it for us all I can't check the DMs, or I have to limit the comments," she added. "What would make me more sad than anything is if I was too hardened as a person or become jaded or not care, because I care so deeply that I like that part of myself. Sometimes I think that we need to find the balance there," she said.

'Here comes the victim card'

Twitter users also reacted after Mulvaney appeared on the podcast. One user tweeted, "He is an actor looking for the next payout!" Another wrote, "Here comes the victim card!" One user mocked, "It’s probably just his period cramps keeping him awake" while another tweeted, "Feel sorry for him. When I want a good nights sleep I chug a beer just before bed." "And I thought everyone in America had trouble falling asleep!" tweeted one user.

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