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Andrew Tate claims he has never done drugs in his life, Internet asks 'how is tobacco not a drug?'

2023-10-24 14:28
Andrew Tate has been sharing philosophical tweets regularly and asserts he is a family man with an empire
Andrew Tate claims he has never done drugs in his life, Internet asks 'how is tobacco not a drug?'

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA: Controversial influencer Andrew Tate recently posted a tweet claiming that he has never used drugs in his life and added that he has not consumed alcohol in one year and four days.

Tate seems to have found a platform on X (previously Twitter) for his ideas and thoughts on a variety of topics, despite being banned from other social media platforms.

Andrew Tate says, 'I'm a family man with an empire'

In his recent tweet, Andrew Tate stated, "Never done drugs in my life. Haven't touched alcohol in one year and 4 days. Haven't been to a club once since I left jail. I’m a family man with an empire. I train hard and make hundreds of millions of dollars. I take my babies for walks around the park."

He added, "I have 4 armed guards at all times and I got the strap in my belt. I spent 50% of my time with my dawgs and we fought and talked war. No kids or women. The rest of the time I take care of my babies and keep my mind on the trigger. I’ve completed life. I want for nothing. Leave me alone."

Andrew Tate has been sharing a spate of tweets on similar philosophical subjects.

In another tweet, he said, "Life is largely out of your control. You can't fully control what happens to you, you can't control what life throws at you. But the one thing you can control is what you think about the things that happen. That one thing is the difference between becoming a superhero & staying average like everyone else."

Internet reacts to Andrew Tate's tweet

Tate's philosophical tweets drew his fans and detractors to give their own reactions.

A user wrote, "Bro beat the game and all the side missions," whereas another user said, "You forgot to mention that you train others how to be great just like you. And ask for nothing in return. Thank you."

Another fan said, "No amount of sedation can bring happiness. That's the illusion that addictive substances offer: Netflix, porn, social media, drugs, alcohol."

While one user mentioned, "He who finds happiness in fighting and winning wars against satan is @Cobratate. Top G for a reason," another one said, "How is tobacco not a drug? Brother, you are a tobacco addict."

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