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'Hope Sasha Calle gets to continue': 'The Flash' fans unhappy as Supergirl gets less screen time, want James Gunn to bring her back in DCU

2023-06-16 10:51
Fans needs Sasha Calle to return as Supergirl after her role in 'The Flash'
'Hope Sasha Calle gets to continue': 'The Flash' fans unhappy as Supergirl gets less screen time, want James Gunn to bring her back in DCU

Spoilers for 'The Flash'

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: ‘The Flash’ has become a breeding ground for cameos and new characters now that it has officially hit the big screen, but some stood out more than others. As much as Michael Keaton as Batman made everyone’s hearts soar, Sasha Calle as Supergirl really managed to steal the show, despite the limited screen time. Speaking of limited screen time, fans have loved watching Supergirl, but aren’t too thrilled about how DC and ‘The Flash’ has treated this beloved Kryptonian.

Of course, ‘The Flash’ was about the…The Flash, aka Barry Allen. In this case, there were two Barrys, a couple of Batmans, General Zod, and a variety of cameos from different realities and timelines. This meant that despite a run time of 144 minutes, and even distribution and attention to characters were nearly impossible. However, fans have taken it to heart, especially when it comes to Kara Zor-el, aka Supergirl, and have taken over Twitter to express their thoughts.

‘Supergirl was only in 4 scenes’

‘The Flash’ had some groundbreaking moments, and one of those included Supergirl springing back into action despite being captured for a long time. It was a comeback like none other, and fans wished there was more. One fan pointed out that Supergirl’s role was smaller than what DC led on before the release as they write, “my review for the flash: its a fine movie but you shouldn't take it much seriously. good thing is its still a flash movie cuz i thought batman will take over this movie,but super girl's role is smaller than what they were promoting,there are some epic and some bad moments in it.” Fans aren’t holding back as relate her absence to their disappointment as one tweet reads, “Me after watching The Flash and finding out Supergirl was only in 4 scenes.” Looks like everyone is keeping count! Fans might have mixed feelings about ‘The Flash’ but their feelings about Supergirl remain cemented as one writes, “Had a promising start with good humour and cameos but as it reaches the climax it gets flat! Climax portions are underwhelming and vfx also seemed odd. Super girl role is completely wasted and even others dont have proper confrontation scenes. Overall watchable film! #TheFlash.” Again, when it comes to keeping count of Supergirl’s appearance in ‘The Flash’ fans have done their math as they tweet, “Teddy Seers as jay Garrick, George Clooney as Batman, Michael Keaton, as Batman dying super girl only getting 15 minutes of screen time, and then dying was WB’s marketing plot we get the biggest amount of online interaction when we piss people off so just do that #TheFlashMovie.”

Fans hope James Gunn brings Supergirl back

Although Supergirl died in ‘The Flash’ despite young Barry Allen and present-time Barry trying to bring her back, there might be some hope for her in the future. ‘The Flash’ has opened the multiverse gates, which essentially means anything can happen, and anyone can come back, it all depends on James Gunn. One fan wrote, "I know @JamesGunn isn’t going to see this or be able to answer it if he did. But I truly hope he keeps Sasha Calle as Supergirl. She was awesome in the Flash Movie.” Other fans also echo the same opinion as they hope to see Supergirl back. One fan said, “Sasha Calle as Supergirl was a massive highlight of The Flash hope that Sasha Calle gets to continue as Supergirl in James Gunn's DCU.” Only time will tell if Supergirl makes a comeback!

You can now watch 'The Flash' from June 16, 2023, in theatres near you.