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Fans show support to Joe Rogan for his comment on Miley Cyrus' sister Noah: 'No disrespect detected'

2023-10-18 16:20
Fans have talked in favour of Joe Rogan's comment during his podcast with Miley Cyrus in 2020
Fans show support to Joe Rogan for his comment on Miley Cyrus' sister Noah: 'No disrespect detected'

AUSTIN, TEXAS: Fans have shown their support to UFC commentator and podcaster Joe Rogan for his comment on Miley Cyrus’ sister Noah in a video that has been making rounds on social media platform X.

Joe Rogan is well known for his unvarnished viewpoints on a variety of subjects and for his podcast, 'The Joe Rogan Experience' (JRE).

Celebrities including Quentin Tarantino, Robert Downey Jr., and Elon Musk have all visited the JRE studio.

Joe Rogan’s comment on Miley Cyrus’ sister

Miley Cyrus made her debut on 'The JRE' in 2020 when they spoke on various subjects, including her career, life as a child star, her affinity for podcasts like 'The JRE,' and even her ties to her brothers.

The video footage and Noah's remarks from JRE Episode 1531 were posted on a Miley Cyrus fan page.

Cyrus made his podcast debut on this episode. The discussion covered her career and new artists' challenges in navigating the music and entertainment industries.

Cyrus, who first gained fame as a Disney star, was forthright and honest about her difficulties. She also mentioned Noah, her sister, who is also pursuing a career in music.

Cyrus told Rogan that her sister's EP is "the most depressing EP you'll ever listen to" when discussing it with him.

She said that her sister is "an emo kid" in her remarks. Rogan then inquired about the statement's accuracy. but added that perhaps the "emo" phase was brought on by touring with Miley Cyrus.

Noah Cyrus expressed her displeasure, commenting on the apparent disrespect in the video following the exchange between Rogan and Miley featured in the fan page's publication.

The responses from fans, on the other hand, indicate their lack of awareness regarding the disrespect to which Noah is alluding.

A fan said, “No disrespect detected, and with this, she proved Miley's point.”

Whereas another person said, “I’m confused… does she mean Joe was disrespectful or Miley or both? I feel like Miley was just being light/funny but also defending her like what.”

One more fan stated, “I heard 0% disrespect. In fact I heard legit concern”.

What exactly happened?

The entire incident was described in a video clip posted by a Miley Cyrus fan account called "Miley Cyrus Updates" on X. The video also included Cyrus's upload on her TikTok account.

While many would agree that people associated with celebrities often enjoy several advantages, the story of Miley's sister, Noah, deviates slightly from the norm.

As a singer herself, Noah likely viewed Miley as a competitor and aspired to attain the same level of fame as her sister. However, she became upset when she fell short of reaching that destination.

A sentence that Noah wrote to comment on Miley's video clip summarizes the incident.

In the clip, Miley remarked, “My sister’s like the sunshine, I’ll follow her wherever she goes. But I’m more like a raincloud.”

Miley also explained the lyrics of Noah's song to Rogan, to which he responded in a somewhat elevated tone, suggesting, "Maybe she needs to go to the doctor,"

While addressing a serious matter involving her own sister, Cyrus joined in with Rogan's mocking tone towards Noah. The two began to giggle as she agreed, saying, "She does."

Miley described Noah as an "emo kid," and it seems that Noah had reached her breaking point at this point.

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