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Where is Deborah Roberts? 'Today' host Al Roker's wife spends fun-filled weekend with daughter Leila

2023-07-16 16:25
Deborah Roberts surprised her daughter, Leila Roker, with a magical weekend getaway as she returned from Paris
Where is Deborah Roberts? 'Today' host Al Roker's wife spends fun-filled weekend with daughter Leila

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: ‘Today’ host Al Roker’s wife and ABC news reporter, Deborah Roberts, recently shared new photos of their rarely-seen daughter, Leila Roker. Roberts welcomed her daughter back in town as the duo embarked on their magical weekend getaway.

Roberts who recently flaunted her toned abs in an intense workout following her leg injury spent her weekend with daughter Leila at Beyonce’s Renaissance World Tour. The mother-daughter duo had a lovely and unforgettable time together as Roberts shared a series of snaps from her memorable weekend.

Where is Deborah Roberts?

The American TV journalist for ABC News, Roberts had a fun Saturday evening, July 15, in Nashville, Tennessee. She was joined by Leila who traveled back to her hometown from Paris. In her Instagram Stories, Roberts gave viewers a sneak peek at her fun-filled weekend. She posted numerous pictures, two of which were of her and Leila inside the plane and one of which was a reflection of a picture taken from the plane. Roberts also shared pictures of the stadium and a tour flyer for Beyonce. Later that night, she posted a ton of pictures from the Tour, many of which featured Beyonce performing live on stage, and her Instagram stories became inundated. Indeed, it was an eventful and thrilling experience for Roberts and Leila as the former shared bunch of snaps on her Instagram after the tour captioning, “Oh what a night! The Renaissance Tour. Beyoncé dazzled and captivated onstage and in the air in an unforgettable show. Wow!”

Leila Roker’s trip to Japan

Earlier in July, Leila seemingly had fun as she spent her summer in Japan. The 24-year-old youngest daughter of Roker and Roberts lives in Paris, France, ever since she completed her education. Leila thoroughly enjoyed her trip to Japan, as seen through her social media posts. She shared multiple photos of her exploring shrines, trying local cuisine, and even enjoying Japanese beer. This is not her first visit to Japan, as her Instagram story highlights indicate she traveled there two years ago as well. In another set of pictures, she showcased her visit to the teamLab Planets museum in Tokyo. Leila expressed her appreciation for the museum in her caption, describing it as an "Obligatory teamLab appreciation post."

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