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Bill Maher says Kevin McCarthy 'has more knives in his back than Britney Spears', Internet loves the roast

2023-10-07 20:25
Maher reacted to the top stories of the week and roasted McCarthy with enthusiasm in the episode 'Congress in Chaos'
Bill Maher says Kevin McCarthy 'has more knives in his back than Britney Spears', Internet loves the roast

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: In a gripping October 6 episode of 'Real Time With Bill Maher', Bill Maher dissected the chaos within Congress, offering sharp commentary on Speaker Kevin McCarthy's ouster.

Maher's wit navigated through the political complexities with an evident sarcastic twist, comparing McCarthy's situation to Britney Spears dancing with knives.

'McCarthy's big sin of course was....'

Maher started his monologue, "This guy has more knives in his back than Britney Spears".

The Spears reference sprouts from the pop star's recent dance videos where she was seen grooving with knives and cuts on her body, making viewers worried about her mental well-being.

The videos prompted cops to even check on her but later she posted more dancing with knives saying she was just imitating her idol Shakira and that those knives were fake props.

He continued, "But McCarthy's big sin of course was working with the Democrats to keep the government open which Republicans felt was dangerously close to governing."

"But you know he is second in you know that the speaker of the house.....that's no biggie, but that's how it works president...vice president....check with Matt Gates".

Maher's comments have been met with praises with one saying, "Bill Maher's monologue"s are always hilariously funny, entertaining, and thought provoking!".

Another wrote, "Gotta love Bill MAHER. Its nice to see someone stick on his own Values".

One comment read, "Common sense reason returns to Friday nights, and I love it. We need it!"

Another read, "Bill keeps it real with both sides and pulls no punches. Love it."

A fan wrote, "YES YES.... Bill is doing what the country /world neeed a return to a sane center. This new season is so refreshing. Bullshit is bullshit no matter where it comes from".

Knives in Kevin McCarthy's back

Speaker Kevin McCarthy faced an unprecedented vote to be removed from his position on October 3, marking a historic moment in US history.

This extraordinary showdown, driven by a faction of hard-right conservatives, has plunged the House and its Republican leadership into disarray. McCarthy, who has been vocal about never giving up, now finds himself with limited options.

The Republicans on the right and the Democrats are not showing signs of openness to negotiation, which Maher rightly connected with Spears dancing with knives.

In another realm, concerns about Britney Spears have heightened as she appeared with a bandage on her arm and apparent cuts after dancing with large knives.

The 'Toxic' singer, who has been rumored to have an interest in blades, shared a video on her Instagram showcasing her dancing with knives at her LA mansion.

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