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'Bad, bad decision': 'Alaska Daily' fans left 'heartbroken' after ABC cancels crime drama after one season

2023-05-14 12:26
In recent news, another American crime drama ‘Alaska Daily’was canceled after one season by ABC, and fans are extremely disappointed over the news.
'Bad, bad decision': 'Alaska Daily' fans left 'heartbroken' after ABC cancels crime drama after one season

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA: Among others, ABC Network is highly under the radar for canceling the shows that fans don’t want to stop binge-watching. The platform has given its fans a great number of shows with different storylines and attractive casts, but what’s up with canceling the shows after one season? In recent news, another American crime drama, ‘Alaska Daily’, was canceled after one season by ABC, and fans are extremely disappointed over the news.

‘Alaska Daily’ addresses crucial social justice topics. The storyline centers around a journalist, Eileen Fitzgerald (Hilary Swank) from New York, who moves to Alaska and joins a daily metro newspaper in Anchorage. She works with a colleague, Rosalind (Grace Dove), and dives into completing the reports of missing and murdered Indigenous women in the state of Alaska. The crime drama showcases a deeper insight into the cruelty and bureaucracy of the government toward indigenous women. ‘Alaska Daily’ was something that addressed the issues of social injustice and gave the world a glimpse of reality. Unfortunately, ABC didn’t find it important enough to renew it for a second season.


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Why did ABC cancel ‘Alaska Daily’ after one season?

Though the synopsis of ‘Alaska Daily’ was inspiring, it didn’t pick up the ratings and viewership since its debut in October 2022. Sadly, the show starring Hilary Swank, nominated for a Golden Globe Award for her role in the crime drama, is not returning for a second season. Created by Tom McCarthy, the show was inspired by the Anchorage Daily News and ProPublica article series, ‘Lawless: Sexual Violence in Alaska’, and included McCarthy, Swank, Bert Salke, Peter Elkoff, and Melissa Wells as executive producers. The news was broadly covered by reporter Kyle Hopkins.

Hilary Swank recently talked about her character in the show and appreciated Eileen as a strong woman. She spoke with Collider, explaining that Eileen is determined to seek the answers no matter what, which inspired her to play the role. She said, "It’s in her bones to investigate the truth, she is a truth seeker, and she demands that from people. As we evolve, I just find that deeply inspiring. I think the world, and especially our country right now, is tired of being hoodwinked. There’s no more space for that. That’s gonna be something that people appreciate as well." She continued, "This woman is a truth seeker. She’s an advocate. She wants to see that justice prevails. All of those things are very beautiful to me. I like that she doesn’t suffer fools. We usually see men in these roles, so it’s really nice to have something that I can step into that’s just brave."


What caught the eyes and interest of the viewers of ‘Alaska Daily’ is that it was based on real crimes directed toward Indigenous women. Many viewers were intrigued by the storyline, waiting curiously for the next episode to unfold dark secrets. Regrettably, the cancellation news has left them disappointed. Fans have taken it to social media to change the mind of the network for renewing another season. A Twitter user wrote, “It’s a shame that #AlaskaDaily is getting canceled. An important and timely program. #HillarySwank and #GraceDove are superb”, while another added, “That is a shame. #AlaskaDaily was a good show. I was looking forward to another season. @HilarySwank et al did a good job”. One more user said, “So disappointed to hear that 'Alaska Daily' won't be coming back for a second season. #AlaskaDaily.”

Despite the best efforts from fans to revive the show, it is confirmed that it won’t be returning. As fans got furious, they shared their sadness on social media. One user tweeted, “#AlaskaDaily handles such an important topic regarding missing and murdered indigenous women (MMIW) it sucks to see it cancelled”, while another wrote, “Heartbreaking!!! Really enjoyed every episode of Season 1!!! #AlaskaDaily #HilarySwank”. One more user added, “@ABCNetwork I'm very disappointed to read that #AlaskaDaily is canceled. Bad, bad decision. Topics of interest and need were covered and timely.”

All episodes of 'Alaska Daily' are streaming on ABC.