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'This is the song that's gonna save my life': Duff McKagan penned new song amidst a panic attack

2023-05-11 20:19
Duff McKagan has opened up to fans about his battle with panic disorder.
'This is the song that's gonna save my life': Duff McKagan penned new song amidst a panic attack

Duff McKagan wrote his new song amidst a panic attack.

The Guns N' Roses rocker has released an EP which tackles mental health, and he's revealed the title track, 'This Is The Song', came to him while he was suffering an episode and how he managed to regain his calm by strumming his acoustic guitar.

He shared in a letter to fans: "This Is The Song was written in the middle of a panic attack. I couldn’t breathe and couldn’t see straight, and lately, I have thankfully found my acoustic guitar as a refuge. If I just hold on to that guitar, play chords, and hum melodies, I can start to climb my way out of that hole. For those of you who have never experienced something like this, count yourselves blessed. To those of you who recognize what I am talking about: YOU ARE NOT ALONE! (sic)"

He sings: "This is the song that’s gonna save my life as I scrape for sanity."

The EP also features the tracks 'Pass You By' and 'Can't Come To Soon'.

The 59-year-old musician - who released the mini album during Mental Health Awareness Month - shared how he has suffered from panic disorder since he was a teen.

He told fans in his letter: “I have dealt with a certain variety of panic disorder since the age of 16, and in these recent years, my panic disorder has morphed and twisted and brought along some darkness that seems to appear out of absolutely nowhere.

“It can be terrifying."

The songs mark Duff's first new solo music in four years, following his 2019 LP 'Tenderness'.

Meanwhile, Guns N' Roses have a jam-packed tour schedule, including headlining Glastonbury next month.