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Andrew Tate sparks debate as he claims that attractive women put pressure on men as they 'retire by 21', Internet calls him 'shallow'

2023-10-27 13:15
Andrew Tate's tweet came in response to his own claim from September, when he said '95% of pretty girls don't have jobs'
Andrew Tate sparks debate as he claims that attractive women put pressure on men as they 'retire by 21', Internet calls him 'shallow'

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA: Andrew Tate, the influencer known for his controversial statements, has once again ignited a heated debate by claiming that attractive women nowadays choose not to work and instead retire at the age of 21, thereby burdening men.

Tate's previous controversial outbursts have not been received well by the online community, and he has often been labeled as toxic.

In the past, Andrew Tate has not hesitated to express his unfavorable opinions about women, stating his annoyance with women.

Why does Andrew Tate think men are under more pressure?

Tate's repeated comments and rants about women have consistently depicted his adherence to traditional gender roles, where he asserts that a woman's primary role in any relationship should be to prioritize the happiness and care of her partner.

Replying to his own tweet from September which said, "95% of pretty girls don't have jobs," Tate proclaimed, "10 years ago pretty girls worked. I’m telling you now… not a single hot female you meet works a job anymore."

Tate went on to assert, "They’ve all retired by 21. 100% of them."

Discussing the perceived consequences of attractive women choosing early retirement and not working, according to his viewpoint, Tate commented, "Pressure on men higher than ever. You better get rich - fast."

Trolls tell Andrew Tate to stop spreading nonsense

In the wake of Tate's controversial claim that attractive women retire at the age of 21 and opt out of employment, numerous users voiced their opinions on the matter.

One user called Tate 'obsessed' and wrote, "Bro is obsessed with money and women. Don’t you have kids bro?"

Another user wrote, "All the hot women I know work and they like to work hard. They don't rely on their appearance, they have something on their minds and use their knowledge and life experience to get ahead."

The same person further wrote, "Stop spreading this nonsense, it's starting to get embarrassing."

A third user stated, "Bro you fell off so hard." Another trolled him, exclaiming, "Definitely trust this guy! He got his degree from a Romanian Prison!" "Shallow take from a shallow man," added a fifth person. A sixth joked, "I didn't realize I had to retire to become hot."

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