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Andrew Tate claims modesty isn't 'oppression' but a path to 'empowering women'

2023-08-31 22:25
Andrew Tate asserts that compelling women to pose and become an object of male scrutiny is wrong
Andrew Tate claims modesty isn't 'oppression' but a path to 'empowering women'

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA: Once more, the polarizing influencer Andrew Tate expressed his viewpoints about women. In a recent 'X' (formerly Twitter) post, Tate asserted that modesty should not be viewed as an oppressive force against women, but rather as an instrument of empowerment.

Tate's previous assertions regarding women have garnered significant condemnation due to their controversial and incendiary nature.

For example, Andrew Tate previously targeted Amanda Holden, a judge on Britain's Got Talent, for sharing photographs of herself in a bikini.

Andrew Tate asserts modesty is good for women

In a recent tweet, Tate argued that embracing modesty empowers women by granting them the agency to control who has access to their bodies.

Tate contended that compelling women to expose their bodies to the ogling male gaze is fundamentally rooted in misogyny, as it disregards women's autonomy and reduces them to objects of male scrutiny.

Tate wrote, "Encouraging modesty is not oppression, it is empowering women. It allows women to deny men access to their body’s [sic]. Forcing females to display their bodies for the eyes of ogling men, is ultimately mysoginistic."

Critics dub Andrew Tate's opinions 'toxic'

After Tate's commentary regarding the concept of modesty and its significance for women, numerous users stepped forward to articulate their perspectives on his declaration.

One user wrote, "I can't agree less. But our generation is on another whole level. Things are being done the opposite way. Maybe we need to start talking oppositely that way we the new era can get this advice."

Another user wrote, "Let Andrew Tate be a lesson to all of you 25-year-olds that believed he was real. LOL That you can be a kickboxer and then all of a sudden be rich as Elon. Clearly he was doing some shady stuff to get his cash. Also, what he was preaching to young men was toxic and unrealistic."

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