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Andrew Tate sparks controversy as he denounces reading as 'bulls**t cowardice,' Internet says 'at least it prevents verbal diarrhea'

2023-07-02 21:15
Andrew Tate claimed reading is 'brain masturbation' for 'middle-brain losers' in a highly problematic tweet
Andrew Tate sparks controversy as he denounces reading as 'bulls**t cowardice,' Internet says 'at least it prevents verbal diarrhea'

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA: Andrew Tate, the controversial influencer known for his misogynistic views, caused quite a stir on Twitter when he launched a scathing attack on the act of reading books, dismissing it as "bulls**t cowardice." Not stopping there, he went on to label those who indulge in reading as "middle-brain losers."

Tate, who has a reputation for inciting controversy, has amassed a substantial following on Twitter. However, his penchant for making inflammatory statements ensures that his every utterance sparks widespread uproar and heated debates across social media platforms.

'It’s brain masturbation bulls**t cowardice'

In a highly concerning Twitter rant, Tate voiced his controversial viewpoint, asserting that individuals who partake in the act of reading books possess merely average intelligence. Using inflammatory language, he went as far as to label reading as "brain masturbation" and condemned it as an act of cowardice, suggesting that he, in contrast, gains knowledge effortlessly and without any risks involved. Tate further argued that those who engage in reading have acquired no valuable knowledge, while winners are characterized by their proactive approach to life, implying that reading is a characteristic of losers. His statements have sparked intense debate and criticism across social media platforms.

Tate wrote, "Reading books is for middle-brain losers. It’s brain masturbation bulls**t cowardice. I’m learning so much without risk! You’ve learned nothing. Winners act. Losers read."

'At least it prevents verbal diarrhea'

After Tate made his contentious statement, a multitude of users took to various platforms to voice their perspectives on the matter. One user wrote, "Cool kids don’t know how to read” — “Cobra” Tate, rapist." Another said, "At least reading books prevents one from verbal diarrhoea." A user stated, "Dude, you need to sometimes read as well, and then act, simply doing that may not give you success always, and apart from that everyone is running their own race , you achieved the success sooner i may achieve it later but i have my own plans, books are good. ✌."

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