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Will Jake Paul vs Logan Paul happen? Problem Child declines showdown with brother amid ongoing family feud: 'You're not even a fighter'

2023-08-25 15:51
Jake Paul said, 'You haven't fought anyone and you don't fight real fights, it's not your option to give me my opponents'
Will Jake Paul vs Logan Paul happen? Problem Child declines showdown with brother amid ongoing family feud: 'You're not even a fighter'

CLEVELAND, OHIO: Jake Paul, known as "Problem Child," made a recent appearance on the 'BS' podcast where he had a face-off with his brother Logan Paul. During the podcast, he made it clear that he had no interest in engaging in a fight with his brother as their family feud continued.

As the video podcast unfolded, it was evident that Jake didn't hold back in his criticism of Logan, telling him, "You're not even a fighter."

For those not familiar with the situation, tensions between the Paul brothers escalated during the impromptu podcast. Logan was already frustrated due to his PRIME energy drink facing bans in various locations.

In response, Jake accused Logan of playing both sides by partnering with his rival KSI, a YouTuber turned boxer, who also has ties to the PRIME energy drink.

It's now clear that the dispute over the PRIME energy drink has been a longstanding issue between them. Jake emphasized that a physical fight wouldn't be the appropriate way to resolve their differences. Keep reading to know more about the conversation between Paul brothers.

Will Jake Paul fight Logan Paul?

In a recent 'BS' podcast featuring both Jake and Logan, the discussion revolved around their ongoing conflicts, notably concerning an energy drink. After addressing these issues, Jake firmly declared, "No, no, no. We don't need to do that. I'm not fighting him."

Both brothers have acknowledged their willingness to spar with each other, but not as a means to resolve their disputes; rather, it's for the purpose of enhancing their boxing skills.

The podcast also delved into various conversations regarding upcoming boxing challenges. Logan expressed his interest in facing Tommy Fury, saying, “Tommy Fury is on my f*****g radar. I've got him in my scopes, I wanted him when Jake was fighting him and I'm going to be back in the conversation."

Jake, however, brushed off the idea, responding, "I've got to finish him off first, I've got to handle that business first."

Logan then retorted, "We'll see bro, because you definitely sniped the Nate Diaz fight from me and I've been so lenient in giving you your opponents."

Jake concluded the discussion by criticizing his brother and rebuffing Logan's attempts to influence his choice of opponents.

“You haven't fought anyone and you don't fight real fights. It's not your option to give me my opponents, you're not even a fighter. You do exhibitions and lost like four years ago, so it's not like your option to give me my fights” Jake remarked.

How did fans react to podcast featuring Jake Paul and Logan Paul?

After watching the podcast featuring Jake Paul and Logan Paul, many fans took to the comment section and shared their views. One fan wrote, "Respect for never fighting your brother Jake. You’re the man of your family keep grinding."

Another fan said, "Jake has reached a level in his career that I can respect not from his accomplishments but more as a man to another man. He’s grown up to finally be “the bigger person”."

A third user wrote, "As someone who loves boxing I think it's no coincidence that Jake's rise in maturity has gone hand in hand with his boxing career."

A fourth user said, "The fact that Jake paid for Fousey’s mental health hospital and didn’t tell anyone just tells you how good of a dude he is."

A last user said, "There's nothing wrong with continuing to take the higher road. The people who count know you're doing it and that's why they support you. It makes sense that your friends are trying to protect you, but be who you truly are, Jake. <3"

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