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Who is Colby Covington? MMA star shares views on Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis amid Nina Agdal 'nukes' drama: 'He's there to get his a** whooped'

2023-09-23 17:59
'He's definitely been able to manufacture some drama with that fight,' Colby Covington said about Dillon Danis
Who is Colby Covington? MMA star shares views on Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis amid Nina Agdal 'nukes' drama: 'He's there to get his a** whooped'

CLEVELAND, OHIO: Colby Covington is a professional mixed martial artist and a former Interim UFC Welterweight Champion who competes in the Welterweight division of the UFC, ranking second in the category.

He recently offered his views on the debate surrounding the impending fight between Dillon Danis and Logan Paul amid Nina Agdal's "nukes" drama.

Colby Covington criticizes Dillon Danis for generating controversy

Colby Covington called out Dillon Danis for generating controversy as a way to promote the upcoming fight and predicted that Logan Paul would triumph over him.

On October 14, Danis will make his professional boxing debut against Paul as part of the Misfits X DAZN: The Prime Card event.

The 'Bellator MMA' posted doctored images of The Maverick's fiancee, Nina Agdal, on social media prior to the fight to undermine his opponent.

"El Jefe" went as far as to question her nature and loyalty by posting her private photos on his X (formerly Twitter) account. Subsequently, Agdal applied for a restraining order against Danis from a New Jersey judge following weeks of the harassment.

Many have criticized Danis' trolling as unnecessary and believe he is attempting to dodge the fight with Paul without looking bad. His pre-fight promotional activities have now developed into a full-blown legal issue.

James Lynch recently asked Covington for his thoughts on the matter, and the latter harshly dismissed Danis, questioning him as a "real fighter" and predicted Paul would prevail in the match. He said, "He's [Danis] got a good guy behind the screen, ghost-writing for him."

Covington continued, "He's definitely been able to manufacture some drama with that fight... Di**o Danis is not a fighter. That guy can't throw a punch. He literally couldn't punch his way out of a wet paper bag... He's just there to get his a** whooped by Logan. I think Logan starches him."

Logan Paul is prepared to beat Dillon Danis

A source close to Logan Paul claimed that Dillon Danis' constant trolling has caused the former to become more hostile toward him, as per Daily Mail. Paul, according to the insider, would adore Danis being apprehended and made to account for all of the trolling.

The YouTuber-turned-fighter is putting all his efforts into training, and both he and his colleagues think he must prevail. Paul believes that a defeat in this fight would be the worst professional humiliation of his life and that he would never be able to forgive himself.

Moreover, The Maverick wants to make her fiancee proud as she has been relentlessly attacked by Danis over the past few weeks.

Agdal claimed that her reputation has suffered from Danis sharing "despicable" things about her more than 250 times since the announcement of his fight with Paul.

Danis was served the restraining order on Monday, September 18, after eluding process servers for a week, including claims of him fleeing to North Korea.