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Twitch streamer xQc's unfiltered review of Tim Hortons' donuts takes Internet by storm

2023-12-03 12:50
xQc goes on hilarious rant about donuts
Twitch streamer xQc's unfiltered review of Tim Hortons' donuts takes Internet by storm

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: xQc has captured attention once again by offering his critique of a Tim Hortons donut.

He specifically highlighted the distinction between the donuts he ordered during the day and the ones he got at night, emphasizing notable differences in taste, texture, and moisture.

This isn't the initial instance of xQc providing his thoughts on food; he recently gained prominence for encountering an unexpected situation during a live stream.

He was handed an empty bun instead of receiving a burger as expected. This incident led him to express disbelief and skepticism about ordering food from that specific establishment.

xQc goes on hilarious rant about donuts

In a recent livestream, xQc expressed his enthusiasm for discussing a food restaurant, specifically mentioning Tim Hortons.

He shared his anticipation for getting a good donut during the noon break, exclaiming, “What I should post. Here's a good example. Not just yet. Here's a good example. Ok. Tim Hortons, ok? In at noon and s**t. It's kind of goes all right. Get a, get a good donut on your, on your break from work and s**t like that, ok? I just got Tim Hortons chat. It just came in.”

As he eagerly prepared to enjoy the donut, his excitement took a turn when he realized it was already in front of him.

Surprised by its stillness and dryness, he exclaimed, "I cannot wait to have my donut. Oh wait, actually, it was on it right in front of me. Holy s**t, Look how still it is. Look, look, you see that holy s**t, man, dude. That is that, see, that's just what it is. So am I gonna either then judge it?"

He added, "Oh Tomorrow's guy. Hm. Oh my f****g God. Oh my God. Look, look, it, it stays bitten in, look at it, it stays bitten. See that holy s**t, dude. That is just so still and dry. It's unbelievable dude.”

xQc questioned whether to judge the donut immediately or wait until the next day, expressing his amazement at the donut staying bitten.

Despite his observations, he decided not to judge it at 11 pm, declaring, “I'm not gonna judge that because of the 11 pm f*****g donuts. Well, for I'm gonna go at noon to f*****g get a good rating, man.”

From xQc's livestream discussion, it became evident that he was highlighting differences in the quality of donuts between day and night.

Internet reacts to xQc's donut review

After tuning into xQc's livestream discussion where he highlighted disparities between day and night donuts, numerous fans engaged in the comment section, sharing their perspectives.

One follower humorously remarked on the doughnut's condition, stating, "That donut has been sitting there collecting dust all day lmfaooo."

Another fan playfully teased xQc, saying, "I know what he means but him explaining how stale it is by saying ‘It stays bitten’ is so funny to me."

A third fan offered a suggestion, pointing out, "Bro could literally afford a personal chef and he's complaining about a stale donut lmao."

Meanwhile, a fourth user recommended a solution for a warmer treat, advising, "Bro just microwave it for 10 seconds."

Lastly, a fan explained the potential reason behind the freshness issue, noting, "That is because they make the donuts in the morning, if you wait until the night they just are not going to be good at all.. might depend on the tim hortons, but the two that are next to my place works this way."

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