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'The View' host Ana Navarro slammed for her take on 'real crisis' in Florida: 'Bark is all we hear'

2023-07-16 13:17
Ana Navarro takes to twitter to talk about 'real crisis' in Florida as she drags Ron DeSantis
'The View' host Ana Navarro slammed for her take on 'real crisis' in Florida: 'Bark is all we hear'

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Ana Navarro’s Twitter feed is the most controversial place to be, whether you’re left-wing, right-wing, or centrist. ‘The View’ co-host hasn’t held back from standing up against GOP leaders, especially Ron DeSantis, despite claiming to be a Republican herself. Right now, as Florida state faces an "insurance debacle," Navarro tries to get people to focus on the real crisis.

This time around, Navarro hasn’t written a poem for DeSantis or created a derogatory pun with his name, but has still managed to drag him into her tweet. Navarro is from Florida, and the crisis in hand has her publicly discussing it while supporting drag queens and dissing DeSantis, all in one tweet. Even this time around, the internet has decided not to support Navarro.

‘Real crisis in Florida’

As a resident of Florida state, Navarro is extremely concerned about the home insurance crisis in Florida, and the role DeSantis is playing in trying to fix things. Navarro has taken to Twitter to retweet a statement directly addressing DeSantis and asking him to “skip Iowa and take care of business at home.” Navarro retweeted, “This insurance debacle - NOT drag queens- is a real crisis in Florida.” The internet has been anything but kind in response to Navarro’s tweet focussing on the problems faced by Florida.

‘Um. No’

When it comes to Navarro, the first route a lot of people take is the one where they fat-shame her, following her weight loss and unbelievable transformation. One person tweets, “The crisis for you Ana is, quit eating 🥣 and start a diet pronto.” A lot of people have also pointed out that the home insurance crisis is more prevalent in California as one person says, “It's happening more in California” and another writes, “Now do California.”

Some people have completely missed the insurance crisis and focussed on slamming Navarro personally as they write, “Imagine the horror waking up next to you" and another says, “BARK BARK BARK IS ALL WE HEAR.” The internet has simply refused to listen to Navarro talk about the crisis in Florida not being drag queens as one person sums up the thought process being resonated by several others, “Um. No”

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