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Taylor Swift, George Soros and the DNC revolution: The craziest conspiracy theory goes viral

2023-09-28 16:51
Right-wing pundit Laura Loomer's theory suggests a convoluted plot involving music rights, political influence, and even Covid vaccines
Taylor Swift, George Soros and the DNC revolution: The craziest conspiracy theory goes viral

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Conservative commentator Laura Loomer has raised eyebrows with her recent claims, connecting pop sensation Taylor Swift, billionaire philanthropist George Soros, and the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Loomer's theory suggests a convoluted plot involving music rights, political influence, and even Covid vaccines.

Taylor Swift's purported role in 2024

Loomer's theory began with a tweet that read, "Has @taylorswift13 made a deal with George Soros and Alex Soros to get the rights to her music back in exchange for getting Zoomers registered to vote Democrat against President Trump ahead of the 2024 Presidential election?"

The central premise of this theory is that Taylor Swift is using her immense influence to mobilize young voters in favor of the Democratic Party, with the alleged assistance of George Soros and his son Alex Soros.

Loomer claims that California Governor Gavin Newsom could potentially benefit from Swift's efforts to normalize what she labels as "radical policies" such as vaccine mandates and late-term abortion.

She asserted that Newsom, who she insisted is "100% backed by George Soros," could only make it to the White House if influential figures like Swift support his agenda.

One of the key pieces of evidence cited by Loomer is Swift's recent voter registration drive. In a single Instagram post, Swift reportedly registered over 40,000 voters, many of whom belong to Generation Z, also known as Zoomers.

Loomer contends that Swift's advocacy against former president Trump and her focus on issues like abortion and divisiveness is part of a broader strategy to influence the 2024 election.

The theory takes another twist as Loomer mentions Swift's romantic involvement with a professional athlete Travis Kelce, who is said to have signed with Pfizer to promote Covid vaccines.

Loomer suggests a link between Swift's relationship, vaccine promotion, and alleged health issues associated with the vaccine, such as myocarditis.

World tour and music rights

Furthermore, Loomer speculates that Swift's upcoming world tour, which she describes as a comprehensive journey through all her albums, might be related to her supposed dealings with George and Alex Soros.

She references a past claim by Swift that her music rights for her first six albums were sold to a private equity firm tied to the Soros family for $300 million.

Intriguingly, Loomer asked, "Do you think that in their efforts to beat Donald Trump in 2024 and destroy America that @georgesoros @AlexanderSoros would have made a deal with Taylor Swift to help give her back the rights to all of her albums as long as she helps get Democrats elected in 2024?"

She frames this within the context of the exorbitant costs of recent presidential elections.

"$300 MILLION isn’t a lot of money when you realize the 2020 Presidential election cycle was the most expensive election season in US history with a price tag of $14.4 billion, according to Open Secrets. This is nearly double the cost of the election season in 2016 when @realDonaldTrump defeated @HillaryClinton," the right-wing pundit claims.

Election speculations

In a separate post, Loomer hints at Swift's potential involvement in the 2024 election as she plans to return to the US shortly before the election, spending three days in Miami, Florida.

Loomer speculates that Swift may use this opportunity to rally voters and predicts appearances by political figures like Gavin Newsom and Michelle Obama alongside the singer.

Finally, Loomer accuses Swift of misleading young people to "be programmed by communist propaganda and eventually get myocarditis from the poison her degenerate boyfriend @tkelce and @pfizer."

It's essential to note that Loomer's conspiracy theory lacks concrete evidence and relies on speculative connections between unrelated events. Swift has not publicly confirmed any such deals with George Soros or the DNC, and her advocacy for political engagement among young voters aligns with her long-standing support for civic participation.

Swifties excoriated Loomer on social media following her unproven claims.

"The best thing about the Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce thing is how much it has triggered Laura Loomer! Please, please, please, please, please alienate the “Swifties”. Biden Democrats support their relationship and Pfizer vaccines. #trolling," one posted on X.

"Something tells me Taylor Swift is gonna get more millennials registered to vote than Catturd, Laura Loomer & Charlie Kirk," another wrote.

"Laura Loomer vs. Taylor Swift. Now that’s some funny s**t!" someone else added.

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