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Mama June slammed for eating 'cookies and cream' pie after weight loss surgery: 'Focus on getting back to shape'

2023-07-17 12:58
A user remarked, 'Woman! You lost all that weight....why? Why gain it back on purpose?'
Mama June slammed for eating 'cookies and cream' pie after weight loss surgery: 'Focus on getting back to shape'

GORDON, GEORGIA: Mama June has been warned by the doctors to stay away from the chocolates after getting hospitalized amid severe headaches and dizziness. The reality star also underwent vertical sleeve gastrectomy back in 2015 after hitting a weight-loss plateau.

But it seems like June has again started ignoring her health and her followers are quite upset. The reality star previously admitted that she gained 100 pounds since getting sober a few years ago. However, June recently received backlash as she eats unhealthy food in the latest video.

Mama June 'tries cookies and cream pie'

June uploaded a video while eating a pie filled with cream. The reality star started her video and noted, "Y’all know guys McDonald's has got this new thing and I love their all strawberry cream, blueberry cream.. so this is like cookies and cream." June then tried the cream pie and loved it. She then offered her friends David and Heather to take a bite from the same pie. However, June and her friends' reactions clearly showed that they enjoyed the pie. Alongside the video, 'Mama June: Family Crisis' star penned, "Y'all know I’m a fat kid and when I seen these new pies, I had to try them unfortunately, we try to order three but we made one power to anybody could try animal team." She further admitted, "They are amazing."

'June… you’re not supposed to be eating chocolate'

June might have loved the cream pie but her social media followers slammed her for eating 'junk'. A social media user commented, "I don’t understand how she put all that weight back on." Another follower noted, "So, after all the work you did losing weight and even having the surgery, you are very obviously putting all of that weight back on and eating everything in sight. My God. What the hell is wrong with you...!? There is something very mentally wrong with you."

Another Instagram user said, "Woman! You lost all that weight....why??? Why gain it back on purpose???" Another person added, "June…you’re not supposed to be eating chocolate." Another critic penned, "June needs to go to overeaters anonymous meetings... She's addicted to foods and gaining alot of weight." Another user said, "You don’t need any of that junk.🙄 Focus on getting back to shape."

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