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Jake Paul flaunts opulent lifestyle putting his 296 GTB on display: 'She looks good in the rain'

2023-12-03 13:53
Jake Paul showcased his opulent lifestyle by sharing a video of his Ferrari 296 GTB getting drenched in the rain
Jake Paul flaunts opulent lifestyle putting his 296 GTB on display: 'She looks good in the rain'

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Professional boxer and YouTube sensation Jake Paul recently let fans into his opulent lifestyle. Disregarding the unease associated with exposing expensive items to the weather, he proudly displayed his $420,000 Ferrari 296 GTB and allowed it to get drenched in rain.

Paul won't miss the fight against Andre August much even though it will "lose him money," considering his net worth of over $60 million, which allows him to purchase 20 cars and other luxury items.

Jake Paul flaunts his Ferrari 296 GTB

Paul posted a video of his most valuable car enduring the downpour on social media, which quickly went viral. The video captured the Ferrari's sleek lines shimmering with rainwater.

This went beyond merely showing off his possessions. It was a declaration of the audacity and unreserved outlook on life that characterized Jake Paul. It was more important to view the rain as a source of unanticipated beauty than just protecting the car from the elements.

The star of this impromptu show was a Ferrari 296 GTB, one of the rare gems in Paul's collection of high-end vehicles. With its svelte styling and potent performance, the vehicle is the pinnacle of luxury automobiles.

Jake Paul shared a video of his car, captioning it, “She looks good in the rain.”

Paul doesn't hesitate to flaunt his wealth. He has, however, had some bad luck with this specific car in the past.

Jake Paul breaks his 'new Ferrari 296 GTB'

Without a doubt, Jake Paul is a contentious figure on YouTube. The boxer waited eighteen months after shelling out an incredible $420,000 for a 296 GTB Ferrari. However, he had an accident the same day he bought it, EssentiallySports reported.

Paul was apprehensive about driving the fancy car at first. But he drove so aggressively that after a few donuts, a "low beam failure" warning appeared.

In a lighthearted way, he acknowledged, "Breaking my new Ferrari 296 GTB," adding that the display had only instructed him to "go to the dealership."

Paul survived the hiccup and arrived home in the Ferrari. Paul's stunt is a warning that anything can be vulnerable, even the most expensive things.

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