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Jake Paul backs out of KSI bout, Problem Child seeks to 'redeem Tommy Fury loss' by facing 'big name' Nate Diaz

2023-10-10 14:50
Misfits Boxing President Mams Taylor disclosed a significant update on the disagreement between Jake Paul and KSI
Jake Paul backs out of KSI bout, Problem Child seeks to 'redeem Tommy Fury loss' by facing 'big name' Nate Diaz

CLEVELAND, OHIO: Mams Taylor, the president of Misfits Boxing, recently shed light on a noteworthy development in the ongoing dispute between Jake Paul, famously known as "Problem Child," and KSI regarding their planned fight. Taylor disclosed that Paul has shown a preference to "fight a more prominent name" rather than another content creator.

To provide some background, KSI's manager mentioned that Paul initially agreed to participate in a match at a larger stadium in the UK but subsequently declined both suggested dates.

This revelation has sparked discussions across various social media platforms. Initially, the Paul brothers and other YouTube influencers faced skepticism from die-hard boxing fans, who saw them as unserious and accused them of leveraging the sport for attention.

Jake Paul says ‘No’ to fight with KSI

During a recent episode of the True Geordie podcast, Taylor revealed that Jake Paul initially agreed to a match against KSI but later backed out of the arrangement.

Despite attempts to resolve any issues, Paul ultimately withdrew from the agreement, expressing a preference for facing a more widely recognized opponent rather than another content creator.

It's worth noting that Jake Paul, initially known for Vine videos and music, has achieved seven wins and one loss in eight fights since 2019. He remains undefeated by knockout, with his single loss against Tommy Fury by decision.

Furthermore, Paul and KSI had previously committed to a 'winner takes all' bout at Wembley Stadium, but Paul's loss to Tommy Fury seemed to influence the Problem Child's reconsideration of their match and eventual withdrawal.

Taylor asserted in the interview, “Jake said no, I don’t want to do this fight. His excuse was I want to redeem my loss by fighting a bigger name, which, let’s face it, as big a name as Nate is, he’s not as tough a challenge as JJ would be.”

Internet dubs Jake Paul 'coward'

The video clip depicting the fight between Jake Paul and KSI gained traction on Twitter, with fans not hesitating to share their viewpoints.

One fan said, "Not again. Jake Paul is a coward."

Another fan said, "Jake Paul will forever chicken out of fighting KSI. He can't handle the smoke." The third user said, "They took a long time to find a narrative to make Jake look like he isn’t a coward." The fourth said, "Yeah, nobody buys this, obviously, ksi is the one ducking"

Jake Paul’s claims on KSI: ‘He’s gonna go crazy’

Jake Paul weighed in on KSI's potential victory against Tommy Fury. Paul emphasized that even if KSI were to beat Tommy Fury, it wouldn't change the fact that he and KSI had different fighting styles and strengths.

He pointed out that beating one opponent didn't necessarily translate to beating another because different fighters brought different challenges.

In the ‘Full Send podcast,’ he said, “He’s gonna go crazy, for sure [if he beats Tommy Fury, and we won’t see the end of it."

He then taunted KSI, saying, "Go off. KSI, if you beat Tommy [Fury], go crazy, bro. Let that sh*t rub your ego. Say whatever you want to say, but guess what? Just because you maybe beat Tommy, you didn’t beat me. Man-to-man and styles make fights. Everyone knows that."

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