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Fans speculate Sam Asghari will 'get Timberlaked' as Britney Spears hints at releasing second memoir

2023-10-30 21:50
'Volume 2 will be released next year … get ready!' Britney Spears said in a since-deleted Instagram post
Fans speculate Sam Asghari will 'get Timberlaked' as Britney Spears hints at releasing second memoir

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA; Pop icon Britney Spears recently hinted at releasing a second volume of her memoir, 'The Woman in Me', next year. This announcement has led to a flurry of fan speculation, particularly around her estranged husband, Sam Asghari.

'The Woman in Me' chronicles the pop sensation's rise to fame and her 13-year conservatorship under her distant father. The memoir has been creating a stir since its initial mention this month.

After its launch last week, Spears took to Instagram to assert that it is "the highest-selling celebrity memoir ever." The post seems to have been subsequently removed, as per Billboard.

Spears and Asghari, who met on the set of her music video for 'Slumber Party' in 2016, were married in June 2022. However, their sudden divorce sent shock waves across the entertainment world. Despite the divorce proceedings, the singer refers to Asghari as "a gift from God" in her book, per CNN.

Britney Spears hints at releasing second memoir

On Saturday, Spears, 41, informed her followers on social media about a possible sequel to her memoir, as per a now-removed Instagram post, Variety reports.

She allegedly captioned her post, "Humor is the cure to everything !!! Play on !!! Volume 2 will be released next year … get ready!" However, sources close to the singer refuted the claims of a second memoir being in progress, as reported by Variety.

The startling revelations in Spears' memoir have ignited a media frenzy, encompassing a distressing abortion during her time with fellow pop icon Justin Timberlake and her apprehensions about her family plotting to harm her amidst her conservatorship.

However, Spears asserts that the intention behind the book was never to cause offense to anyone.

Sam Asghari's name is part of fan speculation

The supposed announcement of a second volume has sparked curiosity among fans about what further revelations it might contain.

A fan wrote, "Sam asghari is gonna get timberlaked."

Another tweeted, "Volume 2? How much more can she write about Justin?"

"He should be worrieddd," commented another.

"Sam Asghari’s turn is coming," someone wrote.

"Volume 2?? I hope she fills in the gaps and addresses the current divorce," a fan said.

"She’s coming for YOU, Sam," tweeted another.

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