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Fans applaud 'The View' host Sara Haines' parental humor about toddlers as they share their own experiences

2023-08-09 13:29
After ‘The View’ went on a summer break, Sara Haines took to Instagram to share a humorous quote in collaboration with 'Big Little Feelings'
Fans applaud 'The View' host Sara Haines' parental humor about toddlers as they share their own experiences

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Sara Haines loves the experience of being a mother and often showcases it on 'The View' as well as on her Instagram account. She often posts clips of her children and shares advice for new parents to make things a bit easier for them.

Although Haines has been somewhat absent from Instagram since ‘The View’ went on a summer hiatus, she posted a humorous quote related to parenting on Tuesday, August 8. Interestingly, the post mentioned 'Big Little Feelings', a toddler-based initiative by the best friends Kristin Gallant and Deena Margolin, who are busy working mothers much like Haines.

As expected, Haines' post garnered a lot of attention from fellow parents who could relate to her humor, and they proceeded to share some of their own experiences in the comment section.

'It's messy but you get it done'

Haines has often been candid about her experience as a mother of three, which is something her fans have gravitated towards. Earlier this year, 'The View' host was on the ‘Rachael Ray Show’ where she spoke about the struggles of having three children.

"When I had one chihuahua, I struggled. Then I had two chihuahuas, then a husband, then I had some babies. Every time you think, ‘Well, I can’t do that,’ you can, you do. It’s messy but you get it done," stated Haines.

In her recent Instagram post, Haines shared the quote, "No one has more on their to-do little than a toddler at bedtime," captioning it, "If you know, you know," pointing to how toddlers can be a bit fussy about going to bed.

'Anything but bedtime'

Fans quickly took to the comment section of Haines' post to appreciate her sense of humor due to its relatability. One person wrote, "😂 I feel this so deeply," with another adding, "You are funny 😂 truer words have never been spoken."

Some also talked about their own experiences of raising toddlers, with one stating, "Have any of your kids come in your bedroom and lean over your face and say, “Mom, I can’t sleep.” ? I gave two and both of them were terrible sleepers," while another follower expressed, "My 7-month-old agrees. Anything but bedtime."

One more follower quipped, "Or a teenager at bedtime...," probably letting her know that things aren't that different when the children grow up. "Oh my gosh…I remember those days…funny now..then…not so much …😂🙄," commented another person.

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