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Did Megyn Kelly defend Lizzo against accusers? Talk show host says singer's wealth 'makes her a target'

2023-08-16 15:48
Lizzo is being sued by three of her former backup dancers over claims of sexual harassment and creating a hostile work environment
Did Megyn Kelly defend Lizzo against accusers? Talk show host says singer's wealth 'makes her a target'

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Controversial talk show host Megyn Kelly has offered a complex defense of embattled pop icon Lizzo, who is currently facing allegations from three former backup dancers concerning sexual harassment and fostering a hostile work environment.

Kelly addressed Lizzo's case on 'The Megyn Kelly Show' on Monday, August 14 as the singer stands accused of discouraging dancers from gaining weight and making them perform degrading sex acts.

"The fact that Lizzo is morbidly obese' doesn’t change the reality for dancers," Kelly said.

What are the allegations against Lizzo?

The allegations against Lizzo are serious and multifaceted. Three of her former backup dancers, Crystal Williams, Noelle Rodriguez, and Arianna Davis, have filed a lawsuit accusing the popstar, whose real name is Melissa Viviane Jefferson, of sexual harassment and creating an unwelcoming work environment.

The dancers claim that Lizzo made inappropriate comments about their weight and pressured one dancer to touch a nude performer in a strip club.

Lizzo has denied the allegations vehemently, asserting that the accusers themselves had engaged in "inappropriate and unprofessional" behavior previously and were thus not credible witnesses.

Kelly too has voiced skepticism about the claims made by the dancers. "Now I confess, when I first saw this, I was like, 'Well she’s very famous, she’s probably very rich, and that makes her a target'," she said.

"So I don’t necessarily believe the three dancers who came forward to say she created a hostile work environment. Because I have to be honest that the allegation sounds like weak sauce to me," Kelly added.

However, she also acknowledged a significant point raised by one of the ex-backup dancers. "I just had a feeling that they had a problem with me gaining weight," Arianna Davis had said. "She proceeded to say 'You know, dancers get fired for gaining weight."'

But Kelly came to Lizzo's defense regarding the alleged statement and said, "That’s true … The fact that Lizzo is morbidly obese doesn’t change that reality for dancers who are in the professional industry."

"I don’t think that’s hostile work environment. But now since these three filed the lawsuit claiming Lizzo created a hostile work environment, more and more people are coming forward," she noted.

The former dancers also alleged that Lizzo invited cast members to eat bananas from nude performers' vaginas during a performance in Amsterdam.

"The current stream is basically saying that she is really inappropriate sexually … and that indeed could be a hostile work environment," Kelly said. "Such a role model."

Is Lizzo morbidly obese?

Determining whether someone is morbidly obese requires assessing their weight in relation to their height and health conditions, typically using measurements like Body Mass Index (BMI) and considering various medical criteria.

The criteria provided suggest that someone may be considered morbidly obese if they are significantly above their ideal body weight, have a BMI over 40, or have a BMI over 35 along with severe health effects due to being severely overweight.

Has Lizzo split from Myke Wright?

Against the backdrop of Lizzo's sexual harassment scandal, questions have arisen regarding her connection with Myke Wright. Eagle-eyed fans have noted that Lizzo, who is 35 years old, and Wright, 34, have ceased following each other on Instagram.

They also appear to have removed their joint photos from the platform. Notably, one photo featuring Lizzo and Wright from earlier this summer has been confirmed as deleted by Lizzo herself, according to Us Weekly.

Despite these indications, a representative for Lizzo has dismissed the rumors of a breakup, stating that there is "no truth" to the speculation.

In the past, Lizzo had openly expressed her admiration for Wright's unwavering support for her career. During an interview on SiriusXM's Radio Andy in April 2022, she emphasized, "If you have the right person, no, not at all. [Fame is] not even a factor. It should be mutually supportive no matter what that person does."

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