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'Black guy and a girl': xQc explains why Nmplol and Malena receive hate threads on Reddit

2023-06-06 16:24
A document revealed that Nick Polom aka Nmplol tends to receive most negative hate threads on Reddit whenever his girlfriend Malena Tudi is featured in videos
'Black guy and a girl': xQc explains why Nmplol and Malena receive hate threads on Reddit

AUSTIN TEXAS: During a recent live stream, Felix Legyel aka xQc delved into the widely-discussed document created by Bluewolf. It presented the data set comprising 588K posts and 7 million comments spanning from July 7, 2013, to April 20, 2023.

One of the notable findings in the document was that Twitch streamer Nick Polom aka Nmplol tends to receive the largest negative hate threads on Reddit whenever his girlfriend Malena Tudi is featured. Malena is a Twitch streamer with over 156,800 followers on Twitch.

'Black guy and a girl'

xQc opened the statistical document shared by Bluewolf and said, “I think there's a lot of closeted racists and misogynists. And, these are, like, a combo of two people in one channel... of a Black guy and a girl. And, I feel like... umm... there's a strong... there's a strong correlation and a higher likeliness of people that will go above and beyond the rational line, to go hard at him. That's my take."

The document states, “Of the Nmplol hate threads, the biggest/most negative hate threads were for Malena and Oro. There's a strong relationship between the amount of LSF posts/comments, and average view count for the Nmplol Twitch channel, with LSF posts likely leading to increased viewership at some points."

After reviewing the document, xQc explained his perspective on the most hateful threads on Nmplol and Malena. "Dude, I'm going to... chat, I'm about to say something really unhinged. Okay, my take could be wrong about this, okay? I'm going to take a wild guess and say that there is probably a slight, if not more slight correlation between them (Nmplol and Malena) being a duo of... oh, s**t, dude! Dude, I'm just saying!"

'They're just both obnoxious'

One of the YouTube users said, "I don’t replay know what he is talking about but he highlighted the oro meagthread so imma talk about that. That oro thread was 100% deserved she was being racist just because." Another said, "Not wrong."

One wrote, "The LSF frogs are so f**king weird, when they talk about how they hate certain streamers they'll describe details that they'd only have if they had been watching for months or years. why are you hatewatching someone for so long? it's like, get a hobby bro."

Another fan wrote, "Dude just said that the internet is meaner towards black people and women, that's not controversial in the slightest." One social media user said, "Huh? They're just both obnoxious. Every LSF streamer is annoying, though. Including xQc. I just check clips for drama at this point."

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