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Alix Earle channels 'Marilyn Monroe' for romantic date night with Braxton Berrios: 'Feed me nfl man'

2023-10-26 16:50
Alix Earle showcased her fashion prowess as she chose the perfect outfit for the special evening
Alix Earle channels 'Marilyn Monroe' for romantic date night with Braxton Berrios: 'Feed me nfl man'

FLORIDA, MIAMI: Alix Earle, the TikTok sensation known for her ever-evolving style and vibrant personality, recently took the internet by storm with a sneak peek into her preparations for a romantic date night with Braxton Berrios, a popular NFL figure.

Known for her ability to grab headlines, Earle showcased her fashion prowess as she chose the perfect outfit for the special evening.

Alix Earle preps for date night with Braxton Berrios

Throughout the TikTok series, Alix Earle is captured donning three distinct black dresses, each possessing its own individual allure. In her typical candid and humorous manner, she expressed her opinions on each attire.

The first dress was met with a playful rejection as she humorously commented, "Because I can't go with my buttcheek open because this one is that short."


Feedddd me nfl man 🍝🍝🍝

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The second dress failed to gain her approval, prompting her to continue her search for the perfect choice. Eventually, Earle made her decision and settled on a delightful little black dress for her date night.

This third dress sported a slightly flared bottom, introducing a hint of elegance to the ensemble. To round off her look, she selected vintage maroon Dior heels that flawlessly complemented her little black dress.

Adding to her chic and stylish appearance, Alix Earle carried a black bag with silver accents, enhancing the overall look.

She styled her hair in a low bun and topped off the outfit with a leather jacket, creating a balance of classic and contemporary fashion. The entire ensemble exuded a sense of modesty.

Earle effortlessly exuded the elegance and charisma reminiscent of the iconic 'Marilyn Monroe' herself.

Throughout the video, Earle playfully added captions and commentary, showing her excitement and anticipation for the date night.

In one moment, she shared, "I hope I get flowers," while her expression conveyed a playful and slightly anxious anticipation directed at her date.


Am i giving marilyn monroe or what

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In another video, she engaged in a lighthearted moment, stating, "I asked my date to take an outfit video for me."

Nevertheless, reality took a humorous turn as the winds mischievously carried off her jacket, resulting in a playful and impromptu moment that added to the charm of her date night preparations.

Alix Earle shares glimpses of romantic date night with Braxton Berrios


Feeling lucky 🫶🏼

♬ Real Love Baby - Father John Misty

Alix Earle gave her followers an inside look at her romantic date night with Braxton Berrios. The two were seen enjoying a cozy dinner, holding hands, and sharing moments of laughter, creating a heartwarming atmosphere.

In a TikTok video, Alix Earle shared a glimpse of her date night with the caption, "Feeling lucky." The video captured a heartwarming moment as she and Braxton Berrios held hands, showcasing the affection between them.

The date night progressed with the couple seated side by side, relishing a delightful meal and wine together.

Their laughter and shared moments created an image of a fun and romantic evening. Alix Earle's selection for her date night song was 'Real Love Baby.'

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