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YouTuber Jorden Tually let ChatGPT ‘control’ his life for 7 days. What happened?

2023-05-19 20:58
Jordan Tually amazes fans by going on a vacation 'planned' by ChatGPT
YouTuber Jorden Tually let ChatGPT ‘control’ his life for 7 days. What happened?

Australian YouTuber Jorden Tually created a buzz with his seven-day adventure with AI chatbot ChatGPT. By allowing ChatGPT to steer his decisions, Tually embarked on a captivating journey, attracting significant attention from curious onlookers. His video showcased the AI's abilities as it meticulously planned an international trip, adding to the growing list of experiments conducted to explore the chatbot's capabilities.

ChatGPT has become very famous since its launch, with people eager to test its power. Its impact on Tually's life became a focal point as he entrusted the AI to take the steering wheel.


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'It did send me on a wild adventure'

The video begins with Tually addressing his audience's skepticism towards AI, prompting him to undertake an experiment where he relinquishes decision-making to ChatGPT. From selecting the country to crafting a detailed travel itinerary, ChatGPT takes charge. The video showcases ChatGPT's choice of Oman as the destination, followed by Tually's exploration of various locations and indulgence in local cuisine, all guided by the AI's suggestions. During his journey, Tually befriends a local guide who offers additional recommendations for places to visit.

As the video nears its conclusion, Tually expresses his appreciation for ChatGPT's impressive itinerary, acknowledging its ability to curate an exciting adventure. However, he highlights that his two favorite activities and the true essence of the experience derived from local suggestions and encounters with the people he met along the way. Tually concludes by reflecting on the limitations of AI, stating, "I am not sure we can trust AI with everything, but it did send me on a WILD adventure!"

'This content is awesome!!'

The comments section of the video received a flood of responses, ranging from inquiries about the trip to opinions about the experiment as a whole. Many viewers took the opportunity to express their appreciation for the YouTuber, commending him for creating the engaging video. One user said, "We need more types of videos like this from jorden😄."

Another user wrote, "This content is awesome!! I’d love to see a series in japan!"

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