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xQc hits back at Pokelawls' allegations of extended house stay, Internet warns, 'don't disrespect king'

2023-08-04 18:50
xQc said, 'I knew I was going to move regardless, okay, listen, let me make this clear, I'm testing hate on either side'
xQc hits back at Pokelawls' allegations of extended house stay, Internet warns, 'don't disrespect king'

AUSTIN TEXAS: Felix Legyel, popularly known as xQc, is no stranger to creating controversy with fellow streamers. He is a well-known Twitch streamer with an impressive following of over 430k on the platform. During a recent live stream, xQc addressed the ongoing drama involving fellow Twitch streamer Pokelawls. He expressed feeling hurt and disappointed after realizing that Pokelawls had spent more time with another Twitch streamer named Jesse.

xQc didn't hold back as he criticized Pokelawls for making allegations about his extended stay at Pokelawls' residence. He also stated his desire to put an end to the ongoing feud. Furthermore, xQc explained the reasons behind not moving out of Pokelawls' place.

'I don't even give a f**k about anything'

During the live stream, xQc discussed his feelings of being isolated due to having divergent schedules. He emphasized, “I asked Jesse more time during the swap so that if he could be there for me during the swap... right? So that if things get weird and things get hard, he's going to be, like, a pillar of strength for me. Okay? And, what that caused is that, one - yeah, that's cool and all. Right? But, at the same time... I kind of eroded the friendship that I had with Poke and Jesse because we're on a different schedule."

In a tweet that has since been deleted, Pokelawls mentioned, “X is a r**ard, I didn't get mad at him yesterday over the Jesse s**t. This mf just has been overstaying and my mom comes soon. Dunno why this guy makes things worse for me, lmao."

In response, xQc acknowledged the situation, saying, “I know Poke's mom is coming and whatnot. And he doesn't... I'm not going to f**king be around and I know what it's like having parents over. Okay? It's kind of stressful and I'm not going to be a dumba*s about it. Okay? I overstayed my welcome and I have to get out regardless”

xQc aimed to clear up misunderstandings and put an end to the ongoing conflict saying, “I don't want drama. I don't even give a f**k about anything. I don't care, I knew I was going to move regardless. Okay, listen. Let me make this clear. I'm testing hate on either side, okay? I've been wanting to move in, like, increments of, like, once a week. Okay?"

He further stated, "Some things in my life took longer than I thought, okay? And I kept being like, 'Yeah, maybe this. Maybe that.' And, I was just kind of, like, dibble-dabbing and I was serious about, like, moving. I was like, 'You know what, dude?' Like, 'At one point, I've got to put the plug.' You know? About a bunch of stuff.”

'Don't disrespect my king'

After watching the live stream of xQc, many fans have shared their perspectives on the ongoing drama with Pokelawls. One fan said, "How is chat still angry at Poke when he is completely right? Wtf." Another fan wrote, "Poke said his mom is strict about being clean and he wants her to rest because she just had surgery and it was getting infected. If she saw XQC's mess she would be trying to clean it up all the time. Also he was leaving food everywhere and ants were getting to it. That would drive me crazy having to live with ants and possibly roaches." A third user said, "XQC definitely planted C4 in the bathroom before he left." A fourth said, "So in short, Poke and Gigi is fed up with xQc and they think he overstayed his welcome. Poke mentioned on his stream a few days back that he thought xQc was a nuisance and apparently thinks he is stealing Jesse's friendship." A last user said, "Dont disrespect my king xqc poki lawls🤓 how dare he want him mom to have a place while she recovers yikessssss."

‘I was being disrespected there’

During the recent live stream of Pokelawls, he asserted to xQc, “He's mad about people saying, 'You're f**king up Poke's house' and he hated that, he didn't like that.' I think he was just being dumb and reading these comments saying, 'You're being a sh*tty friend of Poke' and he's saying stuff like, 'It's not even Poke's house,' which makes no sense to me. Why would you say that? I'm renting. It's my place."

Pokelawls conveyed his perception that xQc's remarks carried an air of condescension, particularly when he implied that Georgie and Jesse might have utilized his credit cards. Pokelawls explained: "I felt like, I was being disrespected there. I get that you are getting mad at these viewers, but you're kinda sh*tting on me here. Like, brother what? And then he says stuff like, 'Who cares about the house? They have my credit card.' We're not buying things with his credit card. If we're using his credit card, it's for him."

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