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xQc and other streamers’ names emblazoned on Kick-themed Alfa Romeo F1 car, fans say ‘That’s actually really cool’

2023-07-27 15:26
xQc said, 'I had no idea, dude, that's insane, though, wait, chat, is there a camera on the driver, you'll see on the camera, that is crazy'
xQc and other streamers’ names emblazoned on Kick-themed Alfa Romeo F1 car, fans say ‘That’s actually really cool’

QUEBEC, CANADA: The Alfa Romeo F1 team unveiled their new livery for the upcoming Belgian Grand Prix. The car for the Zurich-based team will have a Kick-themed color scheme and the names of many well-known content creators engraved on the halo. These include WestCOL, Deepak, Hikaru "GMHikaru," Felix "xQc," and WestCOL. The information quickly spread across the streaming community, where many people commented on it.

A well-known esports figure named Jake Lucky posted the update on his social media account and stated, “F1 racing team, Alfa Romeo, has redone their Kick-sponsored car for the upcoming Belgian Grand Prix to feature Kick streamers on the car. xQc, Hikaru, WestCOL, and Deepak will all be featured.”

‘We made it!’

On July 25, 2023, while perusing his official subreddit, xQc stumbled upon a post by Redditor u/Sonix04 that featured the Alfa Romeo F1 team's most recent livery.

When he noticed his name on the car's halo, the French-Canadian character was astounded and exclaimed, “No shot! Nah! That's insane! Wait, real?! I didn't know. I had no idea! Dude, that's insane, though! Wait, chat, is there a camera on the driver? You'll see on the camera? That is crazy!”

As a result, xQc opted to view highlights of the most recent Formula 1 Grand Prix that took place in Hungary. Felix started chuckling when he noticed that the Alfra Romeo F1 team was sporting a Stakes-themed livery at the Hungaroring.

"Holy! Wait, no way! Wait... it is Stake (the streamer starts laughing). Wait, it'll be right there! I'll be in the middle! We made it! That is crazy, though. Chat, do they sometimes win? No?" he added.

‘That’s actually really cool’

As was already noted, the new color scheme for the Formula 1 team has gained a lot of attention on social media. Several internet users commented on how happy they were.

A fan commented, “That’s actually really cool. Good move by kick.” Whereas another fan commented, “Didn’t even see that. Don’t trust any of this shilling, they’ve signed contracts.” Another user wrote, “This is insanely cool.” Another user said, “Lowkey would be a little more cool if they put a small screen there with names cycling so they could either shout out smaller creators or promote they’re bigger ones, if they see this I wanna be payed for the idea if they steal it.” Whereas a fan said, “Kick is burning too much money to acquire customers/viewers. Not a good sign for any company. Just saying...”

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