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Why did Tammy Slaton divorce Caleb Willingham? '1000-lb Sisters' star dubbed 'selfish' amid estranged husband's death

2023-07-02 11:28
While one side of the Internet speculates why Tammy Slaton divorced Caleb Willingham, the others wonder how his death will affect her
Why did Tammy Slaton divorce Caleb Willingham? '1000-lb Sisters' star dubbed 'selfish' amid estranged husband's death

EVANSVILLE, INDIANA: '1000-lb Sisters' fans have been in shock ever since Tammy Slaton's ex-husband Caleb Willingham's death hit the news. Known to his family by nicknames 'Double K' and 'Killa K', Caleb got married to Tammy in Season 4 of the TLC show. The couple was reported to have fallen apart before his tragic death.

The actual cause of Caleb's death has not been revealed by the family. However, the internet claims that the 40-year-old died battling chronic obesity. Amid his death, the internet recounts Tammy and Caleb's married life. And, many slam '1000-lb Sisters' star for being 'pompous selfish' towards her late estranged husband.

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Did Tammy Slaton part ways with Caleb Willingham because he didn't lose weight?

That's what internet users are claiming amid the death of the 40-year-old. A user took to Reddit to post the death news of Caleb, opening a thread with the title, "Caleb has passed away." Where everyone was seen showing concern towards Tammy for losing her ex-husband, a few took to the comment section to slam the reality star wondering whether she parted ways with Caleb because he was not losing weight. A user wrote, "I know that they were separated, but I still feel pretty awful for Tammy. It sounds like she only split from him because he was a bad influence on her diet." Another slammed Tammy, "Everyone saying poor Tammy. Odds are this woman didn’t care to begin with. Because she only cared about herself. I feel bad for this man’s family." The user added, "She married to be normal. Then because he didn’t drop weight she dropped him because it was revealed he stalked her. Jesus this new wave of people showing empathy for a pompous selfish D-List celebrity that Tammy is a horrible human being just in general from faking her own death and begging for money, etc." "I’ve thought from the beginning that he was absolutely not her type. Tammy likes her men fit, to the best of my knowledge. Lol maybe she married to catch up with Amy," another speculated.

'Hope the terrible news doesn’t trigger a relapse'

Knowing that Tammy is already going through her weight loss journey, people wonder whether Caleb's death could spiral her back to being obese. A user commented, "I hope the terrible news doesn’t trigger a relapse for Tammy." Another wrote, "Very sad but not surprising. I hope this will help keep Tammy on her path." A user prayed for Tammy, "RIP Caleb. I really hope this doesn't make Tammy slip back. She seems to really be doing good. Too bad he never could get the surgery I'm 8 months posy op and it is literally life-changing." "Agreed I hope she doesn’t spiral. She’s doing amazing with her progress. Rip Caleb," a user agreed. Another concerned user commented, "I'm worried about Tammy right now because of this. I know they were in the process of splitting up, but I'm scared this could cause her to relapse. Grief typically does that to a person."

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