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Why did Al Roker throw sanitizer on Craig Melvin on live show? ‘Today’ host snaps at meteorologist for rude behavior

2023-08-12 14:28
During an on-air segment, 'Today' co-host Craig Melvin showed his displeasure as Al Roker playfully tossed sanitizer at him
Why did Al Roker throw sanitizer on Craig Melvin on live show? ‘Today’ host snaps at meteorologist for rude behavior

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: The ‘Today’ show is filled with candid moments which often see their hosts take a playful jab at each other from time to time. The viewers relish these moments as they make for a funny anecdote when they talk about the show.

One such incident happened recently when ‘Today’ weatherman Al Roker sprayed hand sanitizer on his co-host Craig Melvin.

The 68-year-old pranked his colleague who appeared to have been feeling a little under the weather on the day.

Al, Craig, and Sheinelle Jones welcomed nutrition and health expert, Joy Bauer, to the show for a special segment and it was during this act that Al sprayed sanitizer on Craig, forcing the 44-year-old to yell at him.

Why did Al Roker spray sanitizer on Craig Melvin?

On ‘Today’s’ special segment titled ‘Superfood Friday’, the health and nutrition expert Joy taught a few creative kitchen hacks that cut down on prep time to all the hosts.

All of the hosts stood around each other and watched as Joy taught them about the hacks. They also ate the food that was already pre-made on the table.

Towards the end of the segment, after Joy showed them how to make homemade Almond Milk, Al pulled something out of his pocket. "Hey, since we've been by Craig, you might want a little of this," he told Joy, as he sprayed hand sanitizer on Joy’s and Sheinelle's hands.

"Oh, I heard. Poor Craig," Joy said. "Craig's not feeling well, so..." Al informed the viewers. Sheinelle put her fingers up in an X shape as she talked and Craig stepped away from them.

As Craig, began to say what was next, Al picked up the hand sanitizer and sprayed it on Craig. "Stop it! God!" Craig shouted as he tried to rush away from Al.

Did Al Roker take his revenge for being called a “jerk” by Craig Melvin?

Al might have gotten back at Craig with his sanitizer prank after the latter called him a “jerk” during a fitness segment on ‘Today.’

During the segment, the 44-year-old was unable to do the side leg raises suggested by fitness instructor Vicky Justiz. He felt a little exposed and tried to adjust his jacket and cover himself with his tie.

However, when Vicky suggested an exercise that had the morning show hosts lift up one knee and open their legs in a somewhat compromising fashion, Craig said, "Some producer's gonna lose their job over this.”

Al instantly replied, "Well 'some producer' didn't make you wear one size too small.” Craig got up and told Al, "You are such a jerk."

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