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Whoopi Goldberg demands video game giant Blizzard return her money in angry rant amid talks of quitting 'The View'

2023-06-19 10:53
Whoopi Goldberg admitted that she was still upset with Blizzard Entertainment's mix up and she hasn't heard from them at all
Whoopi Goldberg demands video game giant Blizzard return her money in angry rant amid talks of quitting 'The View'

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: ‘The View’ host Whoopi Goldberg shared an angry rant against a video game company in an Instagram post on June 17, 2023. She was upset over not being able to play the game and asked for her money back.

The news comes after the 67-year-old host is rumored to stepping down as the co-host of ‘The View.’ Sources have come forward to share the reasons behind the talk show’s producers asking the host to leave.

'Tired of people not doing what they say they're gonna do'

Goldberg seemed seriously upset in her long video in which she openly called out Blizzard Entertainment, the video game company. The company has previously created popular games like 'Overwatch,' 'Warcraft' and the one Goldberg was referring to, 'Diablo IV.' She started the video with, “I'm getting ready to do a talk, and I realize I'm still pretty upset with Blizzard Entertainment because I still have not heard from them.”

‘The View’ moderator filmed the video in a dressing room before she was scheduled to give a talk for Amex. Whoopi vented out her anger as she said, “I want my money back if you're not going to give me my game!" Quite the gaming fan, Goldberg added in the video acknowledging the gaming community with, “Now, you know, I'm nice about it, but I think a lot of people were upset that they did not get what they were promised. Again, I did not get the email that said 'Hey, Microsoft has taken over Blizzard,' I didn't get that email or I wouldn't have bought that game."

She then went on to question the company, "Can somebody just send me a 'Hey, Whoop, you know we're really sorry that happened to you,' because I kind of feel like maybe this is par for the course?"

Goldberg then expressed her general anger with customer service saying, “I'm upset with UPS, they always dump my stuff in the middle of the street, they don't even deliver it to my house, they don't ring my bell. I'm tired of people not doing what they say they're gonna do."

Goldberg then brought up the company’s recent status with mergers but a lack of communication with the players saying, "I want my game or I want my money back. Please, Blizzard, I love y'all, but this is a little out of control now, because I know Blizzard and Microsoft, you haven't married yet and you're talking about marrying. So somebody needs to explain what's going on, please."

Is Whoopi Goldberg leaving ‘The View’?

While nothing has been confirmed yet, Goldberg’s departure from ‘The View’ has been on the table for some time now. A source told The Sun, “Whoopi seems to be picking fights all the time. She makes things very toxic. It’s clear she’s very unhappy. Everyone’s begging her to step aside for her sake and the sake of the show."

The show creators and producers have been trying to convince Goldberg to quit the show she has been a part of for the past 15 years. As of now, it is possible that the show moderator’s time at ‘The View’ will be brought to an end soon.

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